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Marcus Mumford addresses abuse experiences in new song

The British rock singer Marcus Mumford (30, »Little Lion Man«) processes in his new According to the song »Cannibal« (cannibals), experiences of abuse from childhood. “Like many other people – and I’m learning more and more about it the further we go and the more I play it for people – I was sexually abused as a child,” the musician said in a GQ interview published on Wednesday .

He was only six years old at the time. “It wasn’t in the family and it wasn’t in the church, which some people might think. But I hadn’t 30 told anyone about it for years.” Mumford reported that his mother only found out about the abuse through the song further. »Cannibal« begins with the lines: »I can still taste you and I hate it / That wasn’t a decision in a child’s mind and you knew it«.

His mother initially listened to the song “thoughtfully”. A few days later she approached him and asked what the song was about. ‘Cannibal’ is the lead single from Mumford’s ‘Self-Titled’ album, due out in September. The musician shot the music video with star director Steven Spielberg in a sports hall in New York.


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»Self-Titled« is the first solo project of the frontman of the 2007 founded folk rock Band Mumford & Sons. The 30-year-old has been married to British actress Carey Mulligan (»Promising Young Woman«) for ten years, with whom he has two has children.

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