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Ozzy Osbourne: Rockstar surprises with performance at Commonwealth Games

“Let’s go crazy!” 50 year old Osbourne shouted to the excited crowd. Osbourne and Iommi founded Black Sabbath in Birmingham more than 50 years ago together with Bill Ward and Geezer Butler. The influential heavy metal band 2017 also gave their last concert in the city. In recent years, Osbourne, who remains active as a solo artist, has struggled with health issues.

Performances planned in Germany

Osbourne has been suffering from Parkinson’s for years. The rock star

talked about how much the disease bothers him in an interview: ยปFor the last year I’ve actually just been in bed and felt sorry for myself. I told myself: ‘I’m dead anyway, I’m finished, it’s all over’ยซ, says Osbourne.

A lot of people had speculated that he would never perform again. But next year he wants to make up for his farewell tour, which has been postponed several times. Among other things, performances are planned in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund and Mannheim.

Osbourne, who is also known as the “Prince of Darkness” caused a stir 40 years ago when he bit off the head of a bat on stage. His band Black Sabbath achieved cult status and released up to 2013 albums. As a solo artist, Osbourne has achieved multiple platinum awards from 1980.

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