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you season 4 release date: When Could We Expect to See Season 4

Before the third season of the stalker show You even premiered on Netflix in October 2021, the network has already renewed it for a fourth season. Joe Goldberg is sure to encounter further difficulties. What’s the best part? Now he’s expanding his reach to the rest of the world.

Showrunner Greg Berlanti and executive producer Sera Gamble both became instantly obsessed with Joe Goldberg and his warped universe after reading Caroline Kepnes’ novel, which led to the show’s renewal.

“It’s been exciting to see Penn Badgley, who plays Joe, give the character his own unique brand of creepiness while still making him quite interesting. We can’t thank Netflix enough for their unwavering backing of You, and we’re flattered that viewers all across the world have loved watching Joe get it so terribly wrong for three seasons. The cast and crew of You are eager to delve into the darker side of love in the upcoming fourth season.”.

The Storyline of Season 4

The third season finale of You was, to put it mildly, emotional. Joe killed his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti), left their infant with another family, faked his own death, made a pie out of his own toe to blame Love for his own death, and then burned down their suburban California home.

Joe, now going by Nick, had recently landed in Paris, where he planned to find Marienne, a native of that city. Season 4 of You will primarily take place in London, with some episodes also taking place in Paris. Though we don’t know much about the season’s plot as of yet, we do know that Joe has more than enough demons from his past to keep him on the edge of his seat.

Who Will Be a Part of You Season 4?

The following are the cast in the thriller TV series YOU Season 4

● As Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley.
● As Nadia, Amy-Leigh Hickman.
● Adam is Lukas Gage.                                                                                                                                              ● As Marienne Bellamy, Tati Gabrielle.
● As Rhys, Ed Speleers                                                                                                                                            ● As Kate, Charlotte Ritchie.
● As Lady Phoebe, Tilly Keeper.

Badgley, who also starred in Gossip Girl, will probably reprise his role as Joe, the lonely bookshop manager who often murders the individuals he stalks. Cardi B, on the other hand, might make a surprising presence.

you season 4 release date

Since the premiere of season three of YOU in October, the two have built an unexpected connection thanks to Cardi B’s idea that she might have a role in the TV show, a beautiful Twitter exchange, and even a picture swap on Twitter.

The rest of the Season 4 cast, including recurring bad guy Joe, has yet to be announced. Given the show’s history, we can probably assume that Beck and the other corpses Joe abandoned after Seasons 1 through 3 will make an appearance in Season 4, if only in memories or hallucinations.

It’s possible to see survivors like Theo, Marienne, Dante, Dottie, and Henry, as well as the horrible Sherry and Cary Conrad.

In a jest to Entertainment Tonight’s audience, Pedretti remarked of her character’s demise, “You know, if you’re going to go, you want it to be distinctive.” I knew I was going to die, thus the manner in which it occurred wasn’t a shock to me, despite its awfulness, sadness, and disturbingness.

It came as a surprise to learn the specifics of how, though. She indicated that she had no control over whether or not she goes back, hence it is unknown whether she will follow Joe to Paris.

When Could We Expect to See You Season 4 on Netflix?

Season 4 of You has been in production since March of 2022, and it is scheduled to end up on August 31 of that year. Production for Season 4 is expected to wrap up in April, so if Season 3’s release date of October 2021 is any indication, Season 4 would likely launch in February 2023.

There has been no official word about the production status or expected release date as of yet. It has just come to our attention that London and Paris were apparently used as filming locations.

You Season 4 Trailer

There is a brief teaser for Season 4 of YOU, but no full trailer just yet. The clip, which was released before YOU Season 3 on Netflix, plays off Joe’s “for you” musings to former flames Beck and Love (and enemies like Peach) by replacing those words with “4 you” and “You 4.”

Where Did They Shoot Season 4 of You?

While Badgley stated in late 2021 that he had no idea whether You would move again for Season 4, he did tell Entertainment Tonight that Joe is a “device” who is “interesting to see in new circumstances,” and we now know where many of those scenarios will take place. You’s official Twitter has been dropping hints that Joe will be jetting off to Paris and London, albeit we have no idea why just yet.

But in reality, we know why they’re shooting in London: During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Badgley said, “To be real, it’s cheaper.”

you season 4 release date

What People Are Saying Online About You Season 4

A fan of the program assumes that Joe would do nothing but drink tea and play with kittens in the upcoming fourth season of YOU, which has the audience giddy with anticipation.

Seeing Penn Badgley and Charlotte Ritchie in these new photos from the set of season 4 of YOU has made many viewers very happy. These tweets indicate how anxiously viewers are anticipating the new season of the suspense television program YOU.

Is Season 5 of You in the Cards?

Netflix has not announced whether or not You will return for a fifth season, but the fact that they are not advertising season 4 as the final season is a good sign.

In the Third Season of You, What Exactly Happened?

Joe and Love, now a married couple with a child, have relocated to the sunny Northern California community of Madre Linda, where they find themselves surrounded by wealthy tech entrepreneurs, critical mommy bloggers, and Instagram-famous biohackers.

Joe is dedicated to his new family, but he worries about Love’s potentially fatal impulsiveness. And then there’s his heart. Can it be that the woman he’s been trying to find is actually living next door? It’s one thing to escape from a basement cage. But being trapped in an ideal marriage with a lady who knows all of your tricks? That makes getting away a lot more difficult.

Season three finished with Joe killing Love, setting fire to their home in Madre Linda, and leaving baby Henry with his co-worker Dante. After that, Joe runs away to Paris, where chapter four is widely expected to go down.

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