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Who Is Dylan O Brien Dating: Is Dylan O’Brien And Sabrina Carpenter Dating?

Is there a chance that these two will become the next “it” pair in Hollywood? Sabrina Carpenter, singer for Emails I Can’t Send, allegedly has a new boyfriend in Dylan O’Brien, a former star of Teen Wolf, according to recent allegations originating from social media.

The internet has been rife with rumours that the two people are more than just friends after seeing pictures of them spending time together.

During New York Fashion Week, on Sunday, September 11, the popular Instagram site DeuxMoi was sent a snapshot of what appears to be Sabrina and Dylan standing together on a street in New York City.

The rumours that Sabrina is in a new relationship surface during a very hectic period for her. During her time in New York City, the actress from Girl Meets World went to several of the shows that were held during New York Fashion Week.

When she wasn’t hanging out with Dylan, she used the time to see fashion shows. Beginning on September 28th, she will embark on a tour that will take her to a total of 12 different cities.

Before coming to a close in San Francisco on October 16, the Emails I Can’t Send tour will have made stops in major cities such as Orlando, New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.

This would be Sabrina’s first public relationship since she was romantically linked to Joshua Bassett in August of 2020.

If the rumours of a romance between Sabrina and Dylan are true, this would mark her first public relationship since then.

Dylan, who appeared in the music video for Taylor Swift’s song “All Too Well,” has a dating history that includes Chloe Grace Moretz and Britt Robertson, and in 2021, he was rumoured to be seeing an unidentified woman.

The news of Sabrina and Dylan’s suspected connection has not been confirmed by either party; nonetheless, the following is everything that we currently know about the status of their relationship.

Fans post images of Sabrina and Dylan together in New York City on September 11, 2022

It sounds like Sabrina and Dylan had a very eventful weekend. In addition to being seen walking down the street in New York City together, the rumoured couple was also caught making out in a nearby bar.

A picture of Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien was sent in to DeuxMoi by a fan who identified them as “Dylan O’Brien and Sabrina Carpenter [at] W Broadway and Canal.”

Another reader has confirmed that the two people were in the vicinity of a bar in the lower eastside of New York City. The fan wrote in their post, “Sabrina Carpenter [and] Dylan O’Brien making out in New York City!!!! at attaboy.”

Are Dylan O’Brien And Sabrina Carpenter Dating?


It was on September 11th, 2022 that someone submitted a message to the Instagram account known for spreading celebrity gossip known as DeuxMoi that the relationship rumour was initially created.

The text message came with an accompanying photograph that showed the two of them posing alongside one another in front of a bar in New York City.

They dressed in fairly laid-back attire and managed to seem chic despite the fact that they were clearly very at ease. The picture quickly went viral on social media, and the speculation about its meaning quickly spread around the internet. Even more devoted followers asserted that they witnessed O’Brien and Carpenter making out in the pub.

Some others, under the impression that a new pair was on the verge of being formed, showed their approval and support for the connection.

However, some fans are perplexed because it is frequently reported that O’Brien is in a new relationship, particularly with a younger woman. This fact contributes to their confusion. After all, it’s possible that it’s all just a rumour.

If the story turns out to be accurate, O’Brien would be playing a role quite similar to the one he did in the music video for Taylor Swift’s song “All Too Well.”

The age gap between him and Carpenter is quite large, much like the one that exists between him and the problematic figure. Despite the fact that both parties involved are of legal age, this has understandably garnered some criticism.

A fan asked on Reddit, “Do you not think that she is a bit too young for him? He is 31 years old, while she is only 23. Therefore, not entirely, but to some extent.

I had the impression that he was a bit older than she was, and vice versa.”On the other side, there are those who are completely on board with it.

On the website Reddit, a user left a comment on a post about the age gap, writing, “It’s not that big of a deal.” “To tell you the truth, I support it.

Listen, there are times when relationships between consenting adults are just relationships. I really despise the idea that people your age are still considered children. You are not. At that age, a good number of people had bought homes, gotten married, and started families.”

In an effort to obtain a response to the rumours, certain media platforms contacted the respective teams and representatives of those clubs.

They did not, on the other hand, get a response. At the time that this article was being written, neither party has either verified nor rejected the rumours that are currently sweeping the internet.

Are There Any Truth To Dylan O’Brien And Sabrina Carpenter’s Relationship?

On the other side, there are some individuals who do not believe the rumour. Fans claim that Carpenter’s attendance at fashion week in New York was not a coincidence and that he was not in the city to go on any dates.

Someone else left a remark on the photo that is currently going around saying that the girl in the photograph does not at all resemble Carpenter.

Fans speculated that it was Carpenter in the photo and that she had gone out on a date with O’Brien and that they had kissed.

If this was the case, fans wanted to know where a picture of the two of them kissing could be found.It is simply impossible to locate it anywhere.


According to one unnamed source, the article said that the two were dating each other. Accordingly, this is the precise reason why some individuals are having difficulty trusting that the rumour is true. There is not a single piece of tangible evidence.

In the meantime, there are some people who are sick and weary of hearing reports that O’Brien has a new girlfriend. One supporter thought it was humorous because despite the fact that O’Brien had previously debunked a number of falsehoods, people are still bringing up new claims. He claimed that the majority of his close acquaintances are female.

Someone posted a remark on Reddit in which they said, “I have no idea what you mean! I have the impression that he has been rumoured to be with a variety of different ladies recently, and it is difficult to tell who they are! Lol!”

Someone said, “I have also read rumours that Dylan has been getting close to Camila Cabello too,” in reference to the fact that there appears to be a new rumour every day and that O’Brien has a complicated dating history. This person was commenting on the fact that there is an intricate dating history for O’Brien.


As of right now, nobody can say for certain whether or not they are a couple. The only thing the supporters can do is wait and see.

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O’Brien got his big break in the acting world when he secured one of the key roles in Teen Wolf on MTV, which is a series that is only tangentially based on the 1985 picture.

After reading the script, he decided that he would want to try out for the role of Stiles instead of Scott, for which he was originally cast. He was chosen for the role after four separate auditions, and he began performing it in the year 2010.

The fact that Taylor Swift and Dylan O’Brien are good pals is not a secret to any Swiftie who has been paying attention.

The two stars became close after Sadie Sink placed Dylan in her short film ‘All Too Well’ alongside Sadie’s co-star, Sadie Sink.

Since that time, the ‘Anti-Hero’ hitmaker and the actor who plays Teen Wolf have become close friends and frequently spend time together.

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