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Where Is Allan Gore Now: In Hulu’s “Candy,” Betty Gore’s Husband Allan Gore Is Missing, Where Is He Now?


Allan Gore, Betty Gore’s husband, had an affair with Candy Montgomery, a close friend of Betty Gore’s. In 1980, following an altercation regarding the affair, Montgomery fatally hacked to death Gore with an ax. After so many years, the murder is now the focal point of not one but two new crime dramas.

Allan is portrayed by actor Pablo Schreiber in the Hulu original series “Candy,” which ran as a five-night event from May 9 to May 13 this year. Schreiber is a Canadian actor who first gained widespread recognition for his roles in the films “13 Hours,” “Den of Thieves,” and “Skyscraper.”

North Texas actor Jesse Plemons, best known for his role in “Friday Night Lights,” will play the role of Allan in the upcoming season of “Love and Death,” which will premiere on HBO Max later this year.

Who Is Allan Gore?

Allan and Betty got married in 1970 after meeting each other at a college in Kansas. After some time, the family settled in Wylie, Texas, and he found work in Richardson at an electronics business. Alisa and Bethany were the names of the couple’s two daughters.

In an article that appeared in the May 1984 issue of Texas Monthly, Jim Atkinson and John Bloom described Allan as “a little, plain man with horn-rim glasses and swollen cheeks and, even at an early age, evidence of a receding hairline.” “He was also bashful, which often made him come out as severe, aloof, or even snobbish,” the author writes.

In 1977, Allan Montgomery made the acquaintance of Candy Montgomery at the First United Methodist Church in Lucas. In the fall of 1978, Montgomery began an affair with Gore after competing against him in a church volleyball game.

During the course of the trial, Allan testified, as reported by UPI, that “I was attractive to her.” Allan claimed that he turned down her advances for a period of two months prior to the beginning of their affair.

According to him, they got together once every few weeks, either at a motel in Plano or at a restaurant for lunch. After participating in a marriage therapy programme called Marriage Encounter, the Gores put an end to their affair.

When Allan’s wife was murdered, he was in Minnesota on a business trip in Minnesota. He phoned Montgomery since she had been watching their daughter at the time that she failed to pick up the phone when he tried to reach her.

Montgomery responded by stating that she did not know where Betty was and mentioned that it was possible that she was at a neighbor’s house.

After that, he called his neighbours to inquire about his wife’s well-being. They discovered her body on the floor of a utility room, where she had been killed, and the baby was upset and wailing in her cot.

Because Allan acknowledged to having an affair with Montgomery that lasted for ten months, the police investigated her as a possible suspect in the killing. She was exonerated after it was ruled by a jury that she had acted in self-defense when she killed Betty.

“Even in the courtroom sequence, where he’s testifying, they asked him how he felt when he found out that Candy was responsible,” said Schreiber, the actor who played Allan in the Hulu series, in an interview with The Wrap.

He expresses his incredulity by stating, “I can’t believe that she could have done that.” Therefore, I believe that he is still unwilling, even at the end, to recognise that she may have been guilty for what happened.

One of the questions that is left unanswered is, “What was the power that Candy had over these men that finally lead them to not believe in her guilt?” This is one of the mysteries that is left unanswered.

Where Is Allan Gore Now?

According to the Dallas Morning News, shortly after the conclusion of the trial, Allan entered into a new marriage and relocated away from Wylie.

Since then, he and his new wife have ended their marriage and divorced. Betty’s parents were responsible for the upbringing of Allan’s girls.

According to their respective social media sites, Alisa is employed at a multinational conglomerate firm while Bethany is employed in the teaching profession nowadays.

Allan is reportedly retired and living in Sarasota, Florida, according to the information that can be found on his Facebook page.

Since 2016, he has been in a domestic partnership. It is not known whether he has maintained communication with Montgomery, who currently goes by her maiden name Wheeler and works as a mental health counsellor in the state of Georgia.

Gore has stayed largely absent from public discourse and has not provided any commentary on the drama series.

Allan Gore, who is retired and in a domestic partnership, resides in Sarasota, Florida

During Candy Montgomery’s trial, Allan Gore assisted her and informed the court that she and the defendant had mutually decided to end their romance. It was a fatal blow to the hypothesis put up by the prosecution that Betty’s killing was motivated by passion.

Allan wed Elaine Clift and moved to Sachse, Texas, three months after Candy was found not guilty of the charges against her. It is unknown when exactly Allan and Clift divorced one another but they are no longer together.

Gore presently resides in Sarasota, Florida. According to his Facebook page, he is currently in a ‘domestic partnership’ in addition to being retired.

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At the beginning, Allan Gore and Elaine Clift were the ones responsible for Lisa and Bethany. Because of the couple’s cruel treatment of the children, Betty’s parents, Bertha and Bob Pomeroy, were granted custody of their granddaughters and grandson by the authorities.

The girls reportedly told the Dallas Morning News that they had severed all contact with their father, Allan. They said that Allan and Clift did not feed them and forced them to take freezing showers as a form of punishment.

According to Bob Pomeroy, he observed that Bethany had clumps of hair missing from her head. Both Allan and Elaine declined to provide a remark about the event.

It appears that the Gore daughters and their father have not yet reconciled their differences because Lisa did not invite Allan to her wedding. On the other hand, they are friends with each other on Facebook, and Allan has commented on a few of Lisa’s images.

It is not apparent whether Allan continues to communicate with Candace Wheeler, formerly known as Candy Montgomery but who now goes by her maiden name. She eventually got a divorce from her spouse and began working as a therapist many years after coming to Georgia.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Lisa Gore expressed her uncertainty on whether or not she could ever forgive Candy, saying, “I don’t know if I could ever forgive her. I am aware that this is not acceptable, but…”

Bethany continued by saying, “I wonder whether she considers it on a daily basis like I do.” I can’t help but wonder if she keeps us in her thoughts. I just want to know the truth about what took place. Because she is the only one who is aware of it. What makes me furious is dwelling on the things that might have been.

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