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Westworld Season 5 Release Date: Is Official Confirmation That It Will Actually Happen

The fourth season of HBO’s sci-fi bonanza is over, and as expected, there were many moments that made people gasp.

There was death, betrayal, robot heaven, more death, and a “new” Westworld park. Now, all we can do is hope for a new season. Luckily for us, there appears to plan for it.

When showrunner Lisa Joy talked to The Wrap about the end of the series, she said: “We always knew that next season would be the last one.

“We’ve always thought that Westworld should come full circle and go back to the West, but Dolores should finally get to make her own game instead of just playing in other people’s.

“Just to wrap up a lot of the things we’ve seen before, like the flashforward with The Man in Black and everything else. We have a plan for season five, but you know, life can change your plans, so we’ll just hope for the best.”

So, here’s everything you need to know about season five of Westworld.

Westworld Season 5 Release Date

Even though Lisa Joy had planned for the fifth season, HBO had not said anything about it as of August 2022. And this show has always been quickly picked up again.

westworld season 5 release date
westworld season 5 release date

The ending of season four set up season five perfectly, and Ed Harris, who plays The Man in Black, recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes to start filming season five next spring.

He said, “I don’t know what they’ll do.” “We have one more season, and filming for it will begin in April and May of next year. I don’t know what will happen there.”

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Since season four of Westworld started filming in June 2021 and came out in June 2022, and if Harris is right and filming starts next year, season five could come out in the spring of 2024 as per /radiotimes.com/.

Westworld Season 5 Cast

  • Thandiwe Newton played the role of Maeve Millay.
  • Arnold Weber/Bernard Lowe, played by Jeffrey Wright
  • Aaron Paul plays Caleb Nichols on stage.
  • Luke Hemsworth will play the part of Ashley Stubbs.
  • Ed Harris as “The Man in Black,” whose real name is William
  • Tessa Thompson will play the role of Charlotte Hale/Dolores Mark II.
  • Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores.
  • James Marsden plays Teddy Flood.
  • Frankie Nichols, if she is still alive in this version, is played by Aurora Perrineau.
  • Angela Sarafyan as Clementine

Westworld Season 5 Plot Speculation

Even though the season 4 finale tied up a lot of loose ends, it looks like there is still a little bit of work to do before Westworld is done. Dolores will probably decide the fate of the “next world,” where the future of humanity and the hosts is at stake.

Lisa Joy, the showrunner for Westworld, told Deadline that she and creator Jonathan Nolan “always had an ending in mind” and that “we have not quite reached that yet.” Clearly, there are still some pieces of the puzzle to figure out, and there will be plenty of plot twists along the way.


At the end of season 4, we found out that the human race and the AI hosts killed themselves, so there was no longer any life on Earth.

The only things left are the virtual worlds of The Sublime, so Dolores would have to go back to the Western setting and do a test to see if there is any chance that sentient life could come back to Earth.

There are also many hints from the past four seasons that still need to be put together. Lisa Joy told Vulture, “We’ve left clues and flash-forwards throughout the season about what will happen,” so it seems likely that these small plot points will be addressed.

When Can We See the Westworld Season 5 Trailer?

Sorry, y’all! So far, there’s no sign of a trailer. But if you keep coming back to this page, we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information.


The fourth season of HBO’s sci-fi series Westworld ended with a cliffhanger ending. Showrunner Lisa Joy confirmed that the fifth season will be the last one.

Filming for season five is expected to begin next spring, and it could come out in 2024. The showrunner says they still have an ending in mind for season 5. Dolores will probably decide the fate of the “next world”.

The future of humanity and the hosts is still up in the air. There are also hints from the past four seasons that still need to be put together.

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