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The Gifted Season 3: Why It Was Canceled?

Based on Marvel Comics’ X-Men franchises, The Gifted is a Fox superhero television series that takes place in a world where the X-Men no longer exist.

There are a total of two seasons for this show. The first episode of the show aired on October 2, 2017, and the final episode aired on February 26, 2019. Viewership was “strong,” and critics were most enthusiastic.

In ‘The Gifted,’ two regular parents realize their children have mutant abilities and go into hiding, eventually becoming embedded in an underground community of mutants who must constantly fight for survival.

The Plot of The Gifted

An institute for mutants struggles to achieve peaceful coexistence with humanity in a world where mutated beings are considered with suspicion and fear.

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The routine life of a suburban couple is turned upside down when they learn their kids are mutants. The government is unfriendly, so the family has to go on the run and join up with a group of mutants who have formed an underground network to help each other out.

Who Were the Members of the Gifted’s Cast?

The talented actors and actresses on The Gifted make for a great show. See below for a complete cast list. Check out our analysis of them below:

  • The film stars Stephen Moyer as Reed Stucker.
  • Amy Acker plays the role of Kate Stucker.
  • Lauren Stucker is portrayed by Natalie Alyn Lind.
  • The film’s Andy Stucker is portrayed by Percy Hynes White.
  • Eclipse, played by Sean Teale, is part of (also Marcos Diaz).
  • In the film, Coby Bell plays the role of Jace Turner.
  • Lightning Bolt features Blair Redford as the lead (also John Proudstar).
  • Esme Frost, played by Skyler Samuels.
  • The lead role of Blink is played by Jamie Chung (also Clarice Fong).
  • Polarice is Emma Dumont (also Lorna Dane).
  • Hayley Lovitt does a fantastic job as Sage.
  • Shatter is portrayed by Jermaine Rivers.
  • Reeva Payge, played by Grace Byers, is one of the main characters.

In this production, Jeff As Fade and Daniel Phillips play prominent roles

  • In the film Dreamer, Elena Satine plays the lead role.
  • In the film, Garret Dillahunt portrays Dr. Roderick Campbell.
  • Officer Wilson, played by Tom O’Keefe, is a character in the film.
  • Starring as Agent Weeks is Joe Nemmers.

When Will Season 3 of the Gifted Be Available to Watch? When Did It Get Canceled, if at All?

According to michigansportszone.com/ The Gifted has been canceled from FOX’s schedule. The Gifted has been canceled after Season 2. It is unlikely that FOX will order a second season, but you never know.


There are no known plans for a third season as of October 2022. To stay abreast of developments and participate in ongoing discussions, subscribe to our mailing list below.

The Gifted Season 2 Suffered From Low Ratings

The first season of Fox’s adaptation of Marvel’s The Gifted was a critical and rating success. With an average of 8.3 million viewers across linear and digital, the show undoubtedly convinced Fox to order a second season of the X-Men spinoff.

The Gifted Season 3
The Gifted Season 3

Unfortunately, season 2 of The Gifted had a significant decline in ratings, particularly in linear ratings, which amounted to only 3.3 million people. Fox’s decision to cancel The Gifted a few weeks after the season 2 finale aired is widely believed to have been driven by the show’s lack of linear rating success during its second season.


Is there no more “The Gifted”?

The Gifted has been canceled, that much is true. A third season is not planned.

How long has it been since the first public appearance of the Gifted?

The release date for the first volume of The Gifted was October 2, 2017.

Is the Gifted Seasonal, and How Many Are There?

It has aired for a total of two seasons.

Is The Gifted available on Netflix?

We have no idea when Netflix shows will be available. If you want to know when The Gifted will be available on Netflix, you can use the website NetflixDates.

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