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Tehran Season 3 Release Date: Is Really There Going to Be a Season 3?

Developed by Moshe Zonder, written by Zonder and Omri Shenhar, and directed by Daniel Syrkin, the Israeli spy thriller series Tehran premiered on Israeli television in 2015. This isn’t just another spy thriller revolving around the rivalry between the United States and Russia. An absolute must-read if you enjoy suspenseful spy fiction. An engrossing screenplay that builds suspense, drama, and surprises gradually.

In addition, when the second season concludes, viewers are likely wondering whether or not Apple TV+ will renew the show for more installments. The show has been well-received by both critics and viewers around.

Viewers will know that the season ended on a potential cliffhanger, which could increase the likelihood of renewal. Since Apple TV+ has been renewing and adding to the number of its series in response to viewer demand, this wouldn’t be shocking. Therefore, we have provided a brief overview of the season’s premiere date, storyline, and cast members. Check out the rest of this article for Season 3 details on Tehran.

Is There Going to Be a Season 3 of Tehran?

We don’t have an official confirmation from Apple TV+ that Season 3 of Tehran will air in 2023. The concluding episode of Season 2 was titled “Blood Funeral,” and premiered on June 17, 2022. Both Moshe Zonder and Omri Shenhar contribute to the episode’s script, while Daniel Syrkin handles direction.

Given that the series finale only occurred a few hours ago, it seems unlikely that a major network would make any definitive statements on a prospective season renewal at this point in time. Until the network officially confirms and accepts this, fans shouldn’t act. The show’s ratings and popularity will be considered by the network when deciding whether or not to renew it for more seasons.

Release Date Tehran Season 3

as per webnewsobserver Since the network has not yet confirmed the series, there is no definitive information on when it will air. Since the premieres of the previous two seasons, in June 2020 and May 2022, respectively, were shown on HBO, we can only speculate as to when Season 3 of Tehran could premiere; if we were to make a guess, we’d say somewhere in the middle of 2023.

Tehran Season 3 Release Date

If the network decides to continue and renew the series, it’s possible that next season’s release schedule will mirror that of the previous two.

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What is the Plot of Tehran?

Assume you haven’t seen any of the previous seasons of Tehran and are interested in learning more about the plot of this smash hit show. As the series’ main protagonist, hacker and undercover spy Tamar Rabinyan are tasked with preventing the nuclear power station from going critical.

The series mostly follows a Mossad operative as he undertakes a covert assignment in Tehran, Iran.

Hacker and Israeli agent Tamar was born in Iran but was raised in Israel, and she has been charged with infiltrating an electric firm in order to disable Iran’s air defenses. As a result, if the Israelis decide to launch an airstrike against Iran’s nuclear power plant, nobody will know about it.

The job goes awry, and now it’s a race against the clock to fix it. Fazar has picked up on Tamar and Zhila and is looking into it. Tamar, who is being pursued by Fazar, enlists the aid of her loved ones and some unexpected new friends in her quest to leave the nation.

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The Cast of Tehran Season 3

There is a huge cast of characters you will encounter during the performance, but here are just a few of the key ones:


  • Mossad agent and computer hacker Tamar Rabinyan, played by Niv Sultan, was born in Iran but raised in
  • Yael Kadosh is played by Liraz Charhi(Twitter).
  • As Milad, Tamar’s love and a drug dealer, Shervin Alenabi portrays Shervin Alenabi
  • Israel. Shaun Toub portrays Faraz Kamal as a senior IRC investigator in this role.
  • As Meir Gorev, Menashe Noy
  • The role of Faraz Kamali’s wife Naahid is played by Shila Ommi.
  • Close portrays Marjan Montazeri in the film
  • Playing the role of Payman Mohammadi, the son of Qasem Mohammadi and an Aghazadeh, Darius Homayoun is a great choice.

Tehran Season 3 Release Date

Guest star

  • Masoud Tabrizi is played by Navid Negahban.


  • Marandi portrays Ali, as a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
  • Mohammed Balochi, played by Qais Khan.
  • Vahid Nemati is the same person as Alipour.
  • Shahin, played by Reza Diako is a fictional character.
  • Dan Mor portrays Eran
  • Raziyeh Nekumard, played by Sogand Sara Fakhouri, is a fictional character in the film.
  • Sardar Qasem Mohammadi, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, is played by Vassilis Koukalani.
  • Bar-El, Moe, and Karim
  • Hassan Ash Golden
  • The role of Arezoo, the mother of Raziyeh Nekumard, Esti Yerushalmi.
  • Mike is played by Danny Sher.
  • Yulia Magen is played by Sara von Schwarze.
  • Acting in the role of Farham Kasrai, Reza Brojerdi
  • Mordechai Rabinyan, Tamar’s father, is played by Alex Naki.
  • Dariush, the father of Raziyeh Nekumard, is played by Nati Navid Toobin.

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Tehran Season 3 Trailer

Despite the lack of information on when the third season of the thriller series Tehran will be released, anticipation among viewers continues to grow. Check out the preview for Season 2 below!

Where to Watch Tehran?

Both seasons of Tehran may now be viewed on Apple TV+, with subscribers having their choice of several different subscription plans. A subscription plan is also available to viewers, with prices beginning at $4.99 per month for a US membership (with a free seven-day trial for new users and three free months if you purchase an Apple product).

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