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Star Wars Bad Batch Season 3 Release Date: Will This Season Come On Disney?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an American animated series which is created by Dave Filoni. The Series genre is Action, Adventure, and Science fiction. The Bad Batch is Produced by Lucasfilm Animation and Developed by Jennifer Corbett.

The Series is Directed By Brad Rau. Voice is Given by Dee Bradley Baker and Michelle Ang. The Bad Star Executive Producers are Athena Yvette Portillo, Brad Rau, Dave Filoni, and Jennifer Corbett. The running time of the series is 23 – 75 minutes.

Bad Batch is a Star Wars animated series that was released on 4th May 2021 and attracted a lot of public attention. After seeing the success of the Bad Batch series it is decided that the release date of Bad Season 3 Batch will be soon.

The first and second seasons of Bad Batch were streamed on Disney and it is expected that season 3 will also be streamed on the Disney platform.

When Will The Bad Batch Season 3 Come Out?

Bad Batch Season 3 release date is not confirmed by Disney but they have indicated that Bad Batch Season 3 release date will be in 2024. Disney has announced that Season 3 of the Star Wars Bad Batch series will be the final and final season.

It is expected that the old director of Star War Bad Batch Season 1 and Season 2 Dave Filoni is going to direct Star War Bad Batch Season 3.

Who Is A Voice Cast Member Of The Bad Batch Series?

Star Wars Bad Batch Season 3

  • Dee Bradley Baker as the voices of the Bad Batch clones: Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, Tech, and Echo, as well as various other clone troopers.
  • Michelle Ang is the voice of Omega, the young clone who becomes a member of the Bad Batch.
  • Stephen Stanton was the voice of Grand Moff Tarkin, a high-ranking Imperial officer.
  • Andrew Kishino is the voice of Saw Gerrera, a rebel leader who also appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  • Gwendoline Yeo is the voice of Nala Se, a Kaminoan scientist.
  • Ben Diskin is the voice of AZI-3, a medical droid who assists the Bad Batch.
  • Ming-Na Wen is the voice of Fennec Shand, a skilled bounty hunter who crosses paths with the Bad Batch.
  • Rhea Perlman is the voice of Cid, a Trandoshan information broker.
  • Corey Burton is the voice of Cad Bane, a notorious bounty hunter from the Clone Wars era.
  • Bob Bergen is the voice of Lama Su, the Prime Minister of Kamino.

These are some of the main voice cast members in Star Wars: The Bad Batch series. There are also several other talented actors who contribute their voices to various supporting characters throughout the show.

What Happened In The Previous Season 2 Of The Bad Batch?

As the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch began, the team found themselves embroiled in a desperate search for their former comrade, Crosshair. Now under the control of the Empire, Crosshair was a formidable adversary. However, the Bad Batch believed that somewhere deep inside him, their loyal brother still existed.

The trail led the Bad Batch to various corners of the galaxy, from the sprawling cityscapes of Coruscant to the lawless regions of Tatooine. Along the way, they encountered old allies who had survived the transition to Imperial rule, as well as new enemies determined to eliminate any remaining remnants of the Clone Army.

With each planet they visited, the Bad Batch unraveled the Empire’s dark secrets and the atrocities committed by the new regime. They discovered that the Empire was developing a new line of highly skilled clone soldiers to replace them, and these soldiers were trained to be obedient without question.

Star Wars Bad Batch Season 3

As their journey progressed, the Bad Batch faced internal conflicts as well. Crosshair’s betrayal weighed heavily on their minds, causing tension among the team. Echo, who had once been a captive of the Separatists, sympathized with Crosshair’s plight, but Hunter remained steadfast in his belief that their brother could be saved.

Meanwhile, Omega, the young clone who had become an integral part of the Bad Batch, began to exhibit unique abilities. She possessed a keen sense of strategy and intuition that even surpassed that of her fellow clones. Omega’s untapped potential intrigued the Empire, which sought to exploit her talents for their own gain.

In a race against time, the Bad Batch confronted the Empire’s forces on Kamino, the birthplace of the clones. There, they faced not only an army of new, loyal clones but also their former comrades from the Clone Wars.

Amidst the chaos, the true nature of the Empire’s plans was revealed: the creation of a new superweapon capable of devastating entire planets.

United by their shared purpose, the Bad Batch fought valiantly to prevent the Empire from unleashing this destructive power. Each member of the team contributed their unique skills and unwavering loyalty to the cause.

Echo’s technical expertise, Tech’s intelligence, Wrecker’s brute strength, Hunter’s leadership, and even Omega’s burgeoning abilities all played a crucial role in their ultimate victory.

Star Wars Bad Batch Season 3

In the end, the Bad Batch succeeded in liberating Crosshair from the Empire’s control. As they stood together on Kamino’s shores, they knew that their fight was far from over. The galaxy was in turmoil, and the Empire’s iron grip was tightening with each passing day.

Season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch concluded with the team’s decision to form a small, secret alliance against the Empire. They understood that they couldn’t face the Empire alone but believed that through their determination, loyalty, and the bonds of brotherhood, they could become a beacon of hope in a galaxy overshadowed by darkness.

And so, the Bad Batch ventured into the uncharted horizons of the galaxy, ready to face whatever challenges awaited them. They knew that their fight for freedom and justice had just begun, and they were determined to make a difference in a galaxy desperate for heroes.

Where To Watch Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 3?

Bad Batch Season 3 will be streaming on Disney as both season 1 and season 2 were streamed on Disney all the fans who are eagerly waiting for Star Wars Bad Batch Season 3 can watch it on Disney.

Rating Of The Star Wars The Bad Batch Series

The show The Bad Batch is trending on the internet and all other social media platforms. The series has been incredible since its first season, and viewers eager to watch the new season of The Bad Batch want to know the ratings and reviews of the series.

Star Wars Bad Batch Season 3

The show has an IMDb rating of 7.8 out of 10 and 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average audience score of 81%. Around 86% of Google users have preferred to watch the show The Bad Batch.

Is There Any Trailer For The Bad Batch Season 3?

Before watching the new season, they were excited about The Bad Batch Season 3 official trailer, and as of now, the production studio of this series has not yet officially renewed the series for The Bad Batch Season 3. Updated, all details will be available on our website.


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