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Space Force Season 3 Release Date: Is Season 3 of the Show Officially Confirmed?

Star of The Office Steve Carrell stars in Netflix’s largest comedic production to date, Space Force. Despite extensive budget cuts, the show’s popularity was not sufficient to keep it on the air; new episodes will no longer air until April 2022.

Season 2 of Space Force was released on Netflix a few months after the first season ended. Season one premiered in May of 2020, however it wasn’t until November of that year that the show was renewed for a second season. On February 18, 2022, Netflix released the second season.

However, now fans wants to know about the third season of Space Force. Everything you need to know about the third season of Space Force is right here.

Is Season 3 of Space Force Officially Confirmed?

There has been no official confirmation of Space Force Season 3, but there is a significant likelihood that it will be announced in the near future. Space Force, which airs on Netflix, is widely predicted to be renewed for a third season very soon. What follows shall be seen.

Space Force season 3 updates and further information will be posted here as they become available. Make a habit of checking in here frequently.

Space Force Season 3 Release Date

When Could We Expect to See Season 3 of Space Force?

In February of 2022, Space Force Season 2 premiered. As a result, setting your sights on 2022 for yet another season is premature. Netflix has decided not to renew Space Force for a third season after receiving mixed reviews.

Netflix has also suffered greatly financially as a result of the reduced budget and relocation of filming locations. As a result, Netflix has opted not to renew the contract, most likely for the remainder of the current fiscal year.

The awful news came after the show’s second season. We can no longer rely on it, despite the surprising outcome and other surprises. A release date for Space Force Season 3 is therefore impossible to predict, though given the quality of the show’s ensemble, it wouldn’t be surprising if we did get another installment.

Who All Will Be Returning for Space Force Season 3?

It appears that the show would have continued with their primary stars all returning, as the ensemble cast was consistent throughout the first two seasons.

Among them are Don Lake (Brad), Tawny Newsome (Andrea Ali), Jimmy O. Yang (Dr. Chan), John Malkovich (Dr. Mallory), Ben Schwartz (Tony Scarapiducci), and Diana Silvers (Erin Naird).

Space Force Season 3 Release Date

Patton Oswalt also joined the ensemble (kind of, through video link) in the role of Captain Lancaster, an astronaut who is alone aboard a spaceship between Earth and Mars after his mission was aborted.

Among the actors we didn’t expect to see again is Lisa Kudrow, who plays Naird’s soon-to-be ex-wife Maggie in prison. Maggie only appeared in a few of episodes throughout season 2, and we’ll never find out why she was locked away in the first place.

Since she had filed for divorce and Erin was now an independent adult, there was no reason for her to keep dropping by. Although Lisa’s character could be an outside influence, her time on the show appears to have ended.

Expected Plot of Space Force Season 3

In any case, the plot is very straightforward: bring back Space Force to deflect the asteroid and save the planet. At the end of season two, Naird and his team discovered a massive asteroid hurtling towards Earth, leaving the gang with little to do but belt out “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys as a means of maintaining composure.

Since the asteroid is headed directly for Earth, season three would have involved the crew coming up with a plan to deflect it. Simply not a huge deal.

In addition, Angela and Chan were just starting to develop feelings for one another, while Naird was trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance in the face of increasing stress.

After high school, his daughter Erin would have been focused on finding her place in the world, while Captain Lancaster would still be scratching his head over how the hell he’s supposed to get back to Earth without losing his mind.

When Will the Trailer for Space Force Season 3 Be Released?

There is currently no trailer for Space Force Season 3. Till then, you can watch the trailer of previous season here.

In All, How Many Episodes of Space Force Have Been Shown Thus Far?

Space premiered on Netflix in 2020 with its first season, which consisted of 10 episodes. However, following that season is a much shorter one, consisting of only seven episodes. As of this writing, Netflix has streamed a total of 17 episodes.

Where Can I Find Seasons 1-2 of Space Force?

Netflix has the first two seasons of Space Force. Once Netflix officially announces Space Force for a third season, it will be the only place to watch it.


In the series, a group led by a four-star general reluctantly joins forces with a wacky scientist to establish the United States Space Force as the sixth branch of the American armed forces.

After the success of “The Office,” Greg Daniels and Steve Carell teamed up again for the drama/comedy series “Space Force.” Two seasons of Space Force have already been released, so it’s unclear if Netflix will continue to air the third.

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