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SkyManga: Read Webtoons Online for Adults, Daily Updates…

SkyManga is the best place to read Webtoon 18+ online updated daily. With a vast catalog of popular Webtoon series, you’re sure to find the perfect manga for you.

What is a Webtoon?

A Webtoon is a series of online comics that typically take the form of graphic novel-style strips with accompanying illustrations and sound effects. They are written and drawn by professional cartoonists and can be read on the web, in apps, or through dedicated readers.

How to Read Webtoon?

Webtoons are comics that are typically created online and published on websites. They’re known for their high quality art and storylines, which means you can read them on your computer or phone without any repercussions.

To start reading a webtoon, open the website where it’s hosted and click the “read now” button. Once you’re on the page, select the comic you want to read by clicking on its name or cover image. You can then start reading by clicking on the first panel. Webtoons usually have between one and twelve chapters, so it can take a while to finish one.

But don’t worry! SkyManga updates its webtoons daily, so you never have to wait long to find out what happens next. And if you ever get stuck, our helpful community has compiled a comprehensive wiki guide that’ll walk you through every step of reading webtoons like a pro.

Top 5 Webtoon Sites to Read

SkyManga is one of the top five webtoon sites to read. It offers an updated daily selection of webtoons, which can be read online or downloaded for later reading. The site also offers a manga reader that helps readers track their progress through the manga, and a gallery that showcases popular webtoons. SkyManga also has its own blog that discusses different aspects of webtoon culture.


SkyManga is one of the best online destinations to read webtoon (a Korean comic book format) 18+ online, updated daily with new content. With tons of choices and categories available for your entertainment, it’s no wonder that SkyManga has become so popular. If you’re a fan of anime, manga, horror stories or just want to escape from reality for a while, give SkyManga a try today.

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