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MANHWATOP is the ultimate manhwa and manga reading app! We provide the latest updates on the hottest titles, so you can always be up-to-date on all the latest manhwa and manga releases. We also have a wide variety of user feedback options so that you can give us your thoughts on what we offer. So make sure to check us out and enjoy your reading experience!


MANHWATOP is a manga and manhua reading app that provides users with an up-to-date list of new releases as well as a variety of other features. The app was created by Mangaka Network, a manga and manhua publisher, in order to provide readers with easy access to their favorite content. MANHWATOP also offers users the ability to read chapters ahead of time or sync with their device’s clock in order to ensure they never miss a chapter. In addition to manga and manhua, MANHWATOP offers users the ability to read light novels and comics as well.


MANHWATOP is a manga, manhwa and manhua reading app that gives users the latest updates on their favorite manga and manhwa. The app has a built-in manga database that contains over 10,000 manga and manhwa titles. Users can browse through the database by genre, series or author. The app also has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to read their favorite manga or manhwa in one sitting. MANHWATOP also offers users a variety of features, including: -Able to read manga offline -Sync your Manga list with your device’s cloud storage -Annotate your Manga with comments -Get notified when new chapters are released

The latest manga and manhua updates

Welcome to MANHWATOP, the blog that keeps you up-to-date with all the latest manga and manhua updates! Here you’ll find all the latest releases, news and reviews as well as competitions and giveaways.

This week we’ve got some great new releases to tantalize your taste buds with! First up is Gangsta. by Yuuki Aono – This fast-paced thriller follows a group of young criminals as they attempt to pull off a heist on Tokyo’s biggest casino.

Next up is Book of Shadows: The Witch Hunt by Hana Tooke – In this sci-fi manhwa, a witch named Tanya is accused of killing her mentor. With the help of her magical cat Eustace, Tanya must use all her wit and cunning to clear her name before she becomes a witch hunter…or winds up executed instead!

Finally, we have another new release from long time manga favourite Namiashi Kazuya – The Liberator Vol. 8: The False Messiahs! In this actionpacked volume, Kazuya takes us on an unforgettable journey following the heroic exploits of powerful magicians as they fight to save their world from an impending doom.

There are also plenty of older titles available for you to enjoy this week too! First up is Angel Beats!: 1st Season by Yuzuru Tachikawa – After learning the shocking truth about herself in an afterlife resembling school life, Yuri finds


MANHWATOP is the best website for manhwa and manhua lovers. You can read latest updates, reviews and discussions about manga, light novels and other genres of comics! The site has a great collection of manga as well as manhua scans from various publishers.

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