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Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date: Is Queen Sugar on Netflix or Hulu?

Queen Sugar is an American drama TV show that was created and run by Ava DuVernay. Oprah Winfrey is also an executive producer on the show.

On that date, OWN will show the last season of Queen Sugar Season 7. The Ava DuVernay-created and -executive-produced show will start up again on Tuesday, September 6 at 8 p.m.

DuVernay was also in charge of the first two episodes. The show is based on the 2014 book by American author Natalie Baszile of the same name.

Queen Sugar Season 7’s Storyline

From the end of season 6, there are a lot of storylines to explore in future episodes. For instance, the new couple Nova and Dominic (McKinley Freeman) should be a lot of fun to watch.

In season 6, there was a lot of talk about how the two would get together, so it will be interesting to see what happens next. The Bordelon family is very close to each other. Will Dominic be able to fit in, or will he be too much?

queen sugar season 7 release date
queen sugar season 7 release date


Ralph Angel and Darla’s little girl, who was born last season, should be an interesting change for the couple, especially since they have been having trouble paying their bills late.

Ralph Angel’s crops were poisoned last year, and now his farm is a historical site, so there are a lot of questions about how this will affect his career in the future.

In season 7, viewers can also expect to see how Hollywood and Vi’s relationship is always changing, how Micah’s journey to becoming an adult goes on, and how young Blue tries to figure out his place as a new big brother.

Even though Charley is not a regular character on the show, viewers can expect to see the end of her story arc in the next few episodes.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Cast

The second Bordelon kid is Charlotte “Charley” Bordelon West, who is played by Dawn-Lyen Gardner. She was born after their father, Ernest, moved to the West and married a white woman.

She used to be Davis West’s wife. She is the mother of Micah and the half-sister of Nova and Ralph Angel. She works as a sports manager and is of mixed race.

Kofi Siriboe plays Ralph Angel Bordelon, who is the youngest of the Bordelon children. After just getting out of prison, he wants to get better. a lot of feelings about the land that his family owns.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date: Latest News About the Last Season of “Queen Sugar” Nicholas L. Ashe plays Micah West, Charley and Davis’s teenage son.

Hollingsworth “Hollywood” Desonier, played by Omar Dorsey, is Violet’s husband and a close friend of the Bordelon’s.

He works on an oil rig and is a lot younger than Violet. Nova Bordelon is the oldest of the Bordelon children. She is played by Rutina Wesley.

She works as a journalist, an activist, and as a healer in New Orleans. Remy Newell, an expert on irrigation who was Ernest’s best friend and confidant, is played by Dondre Whitfield. He tries right away to help Ernest’s grown-up children, and he starts to like Charley right away.

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Timon Kyle Durrett plays the part of Davis West. He is a charming basketball player, Micah’s father, and Charley’s ex-husband. Because he was involved in a sex scandal, they had to end their marriage.

Violet Bordelon, who is played by Tina Lifford, is the younger sister of Ernest Bordelon. She lives with her husband, Hollywood, and is the most important person in the family.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

According to alphanewscall.com/ On that date, OWN will show the last season of Queen Sugar Season 7. The Ava DuVernay-created and -executive-produced show will start up again on Tuesday, September 6 at 8 p.m.

DuVernay will once again be in charge of the series finale. This will be the end of seven seasons of the all-female creative team that DuVernay had in mind when she shot the pilot.

Queen Sugar Season 7 will be directed by Kat Candler, Stacey Muhammad, Aurora Guerrero, Patricia Cardoso, and DeMane Davis, as well as the show’s creator, Shaz Bennett.

Where Can I Watch Season 7 of Queen Sugar?

Dates for the summer premieres of new and returning shows on broadcast, cable, and streaming. Due to a plan started by DuVernay at the start of production in 2016, all 88 episodes of the seven seasons of the modern drama have been directed by women.

With nearly 30 first-time directors making their debuts on Queen Sugar, the show changed how women and people of color were hired for jobs in the industry.

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Before Season 6 of Queen Sugar started in 2021, DuVernay talked a lot about how happy she was that the show was still going. The OWN website, fuboTV, or Hulu will be where you can stream Queen Sugar.

Queen Sugar’s Season 7 Trailer

As usual, the next season looks like it will be very interesting. But the show will feel very different without Charley in it.

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