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Net Worth of Amit Jain: How Much Money Does He Spend?

Amit Jain, the CEO and Co-Founder of ‘CarDekho,’ is a 46-year-old Indian businessman. He was born on November 12th, 1977.

He attended St. Xavier’s School in Jaipur. He went to IIT Delhi to study. He co-founded ‘CarDekho,’ a leading Car search company, in 2008 after gaining extensive experience and conducting extensive research.

Amit Jain Biography

When it comes to Amit Jain’s biography, there is a lot of struggle with Amit Jain’s net worth. He received his diploma from IIT. He was bright since he was a child. He is now 45 years old.

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His birthday is September 12th, 1977. And the ethnicity is Indian. He adheres to the Hindu religion. And, as a result of his profession, he is a businessman. CarDekho is the name of his company. The company cardekho’s headquarters are in Jaipur.

Net Worth of Amit Jain

He is the CEO and Co-Founder of his company cardekho. When it comes to his family, his mother is a homemaker. His sibling’s name is Anurag Jain, and he is unmarried. Akshay Kumar is his Company’s Brand Ambassador. Who is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars?

Amit Jain Net Worth 2023

Amit Jain is the company’s group founder. He replaced Ashneer Grover in Season 2 of Shark Tank India. Amit Jain attended IIT Delhi. He co-founded ‘Car Dekho.com’ with his brother.

His company is now worth $1 billion. Amit Jain’s net worth is estimated to be $365 million USD. Amit Jain has more wealth than the other five judges combined, making him the richest of the five sharks. Amit Jain enjoys sports and attended the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Amit Jain Early Life

Amit Jain attended IIT Delhi to study engineering. Then I worked as an engineer in a company. Then I took on other jobs and learned about different technicalities.

Net Worth of Amit Jain

He had the idea to sell cars after attending an auto show in Delhi. Then the ‘CarDekho’ business began to take shape, and it took years for it to become one of India’s unicorn companies.

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HDFC Bank, Ratan TATA, Google Capital, Hillhouse Capital, Times Internet, and others are among the investors in Amit Jain’s company.

The career of Amit Jain

Amit worked as a software engineer at Tata Consultancy Services after finishing his studies in 1999-2000.

After that, he spent about 6 years and 11 months at Trilogy as a senior associate, distribution manager, and product manager.

Amit Jain and his brothers used to work for various companies. Amit worked as a software engineer for TCS.

He then worked on a trilogy. When their father’s health deteriorated, both brothers quit their jobs and returned home.

Instead of returning home and taking over the family business, he decided to try something new. ‘Girnar Soft’ was the first venture for both brothers. He began by establishing a small office at home.

Net Worth of Amit Jain

Education of Amit Jain

Amit graduated from St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School in Jaipur. Following that, he attended the Institute of Technology, Delhi (1995-1999) to complete his studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree in technology.

After finishing his engineering in 1998, he began working as a software engineer for Tata Consultancy Services.

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The IIT Delhi alumnus’ entrepreneurial journey began in 2006 when he and his brother Anurag Jain converted their garage into an office and launched Girnarsoft, a software outsourcing firm.

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