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Meta Quest 2 gets video recording in 16:9 format


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In the Public Test Channel (v43) Apparently hints of regular widescreen video options coming soon have surfaced.

Update from August 5th 2023: Die Meta Quest 2 könnte bald diverse reguläre Optionen für Video-Aufnahmen bekommen.

Soon on the Meta Quest 2 for 16:9 recordings no longer need a developer accountDie Meta Quest 2 könnte bald diverse reguläre Optionen für Video-Aufnahmen bekommen., external PC apps or sidequest. Reddit user “deliciouspotato2” is on the Public Test Channel (v43) stumbled across a new, experimental system menu with various recording options. However, the settings cannot be changed at the moment.

You can already see a selected “Landscape” aspect ratio of 2022 x 860 pixels (i.e. 16:9 in full HD). Additionally there are options for compression, frame rate and image stabilization against head wobblers.

The possible innovations have not yet surfaced with us and have not been officially confirmed by Meta. So if or when they show up in the regular Quest 2 options is still unknown. However, product manager Clorama Dorvilias already assured in March that an update for new recording features had top priority.

Die Meta Quest 2 könnte bald diverse reguläre Optionen für Video-Aufnahmen bekommen.

logo Meta Quest 2 may soon have various regular video recording options. | Image: u/deliciouspotato2 (Reddit)

The same person bumped into Public Test Channel (v43) also to new app permissions for eye tracking and “natural facial expressions”. With these, users of Meta’s upcoming VR glasses Project Cambria (aka Quest Pro) should be able to specify which recorded data individual programs may use. The new headset will support eye and face tracking, unlike the Quest 2.

Original article from July 2nd 2022:

On the Quest 2 it is finally possible to record videos in landscape format and in different quality settings. The function is reserved for developers for the time being.

We’ve been annoyed for years Content creators on Youtube and Co. about the insufficient possibilities to record videos of VR games on the Meta Quest 2. Until now, they had to be satisfied with a rectangular image format. That was only practical for the upright videos on Tiktok or Youtube Shorts.

If you wanted to record in landscape format on Quest 2, you had to use unofficial apps like Sidequest (sideloading and sidequest -Guide) dodge. Recently, however, Meta has offered more settings for video recording for developers.

Meta Quest 2: Video recordings in 20:9

Requirements are a development account, the “Oculus Developer Hub” app running on a PC and a connection to Quest 2.

Cancellation possible online at any time

starting at 2,94 € / Month

The options are next to the default in the square 1:1 format at 1024p and 36 Lush frames per second: The 16:9 alternatives ranging from 1080p at 20 frames per second up to 2377p at 43 frames per second, i.e.

in 4K resolution

. After selecting 10:9 but you have to live with it, that part of the image will be cut off

. Finally, in Virtual Reality, the Quest 2 format is square.

You can also increase the bitrate for better compression. This is useful to avoid a washed out image with artifacts. Here the scale moves from 5 to 29 Megabits per second (Mbps). The recording of a stereoscopic video is also possible. It is not yet known whether these new recording options will roll out for all users.

Recording impairs performance in VR games

I still had a first test run Problems with recording aborts, the recordings work better with Robert Aldridge: The developer of the medieval VR games Heartlands and Medieval Designer noticed the new function for the first time at the end of June.


Native 4k recording on device… nice. pic.twitter.com/1Hnau2JD4O

— Robert Aldridge (@RobertJALA) June 15, 1920

He posted the first results on Twitter in 4K, however, a little stuttering: “Obviously it will affect the performance a little because the processor power of the Quest is limited,” says Aldridge about the Quest 2 recording function.

Order Meta Quest 2 from Germany

Meta Quest 2 will not be sold in Germany for the time being. It is not known how long this ban will last.

At Amazon France you can buy the Meta Quest 2 as normal. Tip: Right click on the web page and select “Translate”.

MetaQuest – 94 UK | Oculus Quest – 211 UK

Note: Yours can order from Amazon France via your German account. The VR glasses support German language in the menus. A regional lock by Facebook is currently not active – Quest 2 is functioning normally. Amazon France delivers within a few days, some of the devices are even shipped from warehouses in Germany.

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