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Little Women Season 2 Release Date: Is K- Drama Coming in 2023?

Kim Hee-won is the show’s director in South Korea’s adaptation of Little Women. In September of 2022, the opening episode of the show’s first season aired to widespread acclaim.

Little Women Season 2 is anticipated due to the success of the first season. If you’re one of them, then you’ll find all you need to know about season 2 of Little Women right here. Read on to find out what a fan of Little Women needs to know about the second season.

Little Women Season 2 Overview

Hello there! If you’re new to Little Women, you might be curious about Season 2. Here’s a little primer to get you started.

Season Little Women
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episode 12 (Season 1)
Writer Chung Seo-Kyung
Director Kim Hee-won
Genre Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Cast Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hu
Production Studio Dragon
Music Park Se-Joon
Country of Origin South Korea
Origin Language Korean
Available Languages Korean, English
First Episode Aired September 3, 2022 (Season 1)
Season 2 Release Date Not Yet Confirmed
Run Time 77 Minutes
Available On tvN, Netflix

Little Women Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled

We’re all curious whether or not our favorite shows have been renewed for another season. Little Women is a Netflix sensation, and everyone is asking if there will be a season two. Unfortunately, the answer is not yet evident.

While neither Netflix nor the show’s producers have issued an official statement, it is widely anticipated that a decision will be made within the next several weeks. Meanwhile, fans can hope for the best and enjoy re-watching the first season.

Little Women Season 2 Release Date

Little Women Season 2 Release Date

The debut date for Little Women Season 2 has not yet been announced, although fans anticipate it will be in 2023. As a result, we will have to wait till the production firm makes the essential remarks about Season 2 of Little Women.

Little Women Season 2 Cast and Characters

The Cast for Season 2 Has Yet to Be Announced. We Have Not Yet Received an Official Statement on the Casting of Season 2.

Characters Name Played by
Oh In-ju Kim Go-Eun
young Oh In-ju Park So-yi
Oh In-Kyung Nam Ji-Hyun
Oh In-hye Park Ji-hu
Ha Jong-ho Kang Hoon
Jo Wan-gyu Cho Seung-Yeon
Jang Mari Oh Gong Min-Jung
Oh Hye-Seok Kim Mi-sook

Little Women Series Plotline

The plot follows three sisters as they face various hardships and occurrences. Three sisters from a low-income family are given an opportunity to better their lives. These three sisters are conspiring to steal 70 billion won.

Three sisters become embroiled in a lawsuit that pits them against South Korea’s most powerful and rich family. The oldest sister is Oh In-Joo (Kim Go-Eun). She was reared in a low-income family and is still fighting to make ends meet. She learned as a child that money was critical to her safety and the well-being of her family.

Little Women Season 2 Release Date

She wishes to live a normal life like everyone else. She is embroiled in a case that could have a significant impact on her life. The middle sister will be Oh In-Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun). She is a dedicated reporter at a local news station. She is committed to doing the right thing.

Despite the fact that she has been poor her entire life, money does not control her. She is now investigating a case with which she was initially challenged when she became a reporter.

Oh, In-Hye (Park Ji-Hu) was the third and youngest sister. She attends a prestigious arts high school. Her inherent ability to paint makes her a fantastic artist. Her elder sisters adore her, she believes. The following episode is eagerly anticipated by fans. Even though the first few episodes have only been broadcast, international fans are adoring the show. It’s one of the most anticipated exhibitions for 2022.

How Many Episodes of Little Women Season 2 Will Be There?

The hit sitcom Little Women will return for a second season, it was recently confirmed. While fans anticipate the new season with bated breath, there is one question on everyone’s mind: how many episodes will there be?

While the first season of Little Women had 12 episodes, it is unknown how many will be included in the second season. According to some sources, the second season will feature 12 episodes, while others believe it will have anything from 12 to 15 episodes.

Is There Any Trailer For Little Women Season 2?

We currently do not have any photographs, posters, or trailers for the future season of Little Women because production on a new season has not yet commenced. As soon as we obtain additional information, we will share it with you here.ย  Meanwhile, there is a trailer for season 1 watch it here.

Where Can You Watch Little Women?

This series’ official platform is Netflix, so you can watch it there if you like. We’re all aware that it’s a premium service, yet customers have access to a bevy of well-known episodes and films. If you haven’t already watched an episode, you can do so here at any time.

Little Women Ratings

The K-drama series “Little Women” has a large fan following and strong ratings. Little Women has an IMDb rating of 7.8/10, an Asian Wiki rating of 89%, and an 8.5/10 on my drama list.


It was a comprehensive guide to Little Women’s Season 2 Release Date. We’d want to end this article with the hope that you’ve gotten all of the information you need about this series. If you have any questions about this series, please leave them in the comments area. It would be our pleasure to answer any questions you have about Little Women.

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