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Leonardo DiCaprio Assists Drunk Party Guest in Hamptons

Leonardo DiCaprio recently showcased his good Samaritan side when he assisted a drunk party guest in the Hamptons. The actor, known for his roles in iconic films, including “Titanic” and “The Revenant,” reportedly came to the aid of the guest, offering assistance during a private event.

DiCaprio’s actions garnered positive attention, highlighting his willingness to help others in need even amidst private gatherings. For further insights into this heartwarming incident and more details on DiCaprio’s humanitarian efforts and personal life, explore our comprehensive article where we delve deeper into his recent actions and their impact.

Leonardo DiCaprio helps drunk party guest in Hamptons

Over the holiday weekend in the Hamptons, Leonardo DiCaprio exemplified his compassionate nature at a party hosted by his friend Richie Akiva. Held at fintech mogul David Rosenbergโ€™s estate in Bridgehampton, the event saw DiCaprio spring into action when he noticed an intoxicated guest struggling to maintain balance.

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Reported that DiCaprio promptly guided the guest to a safe location near a pole, ensuring his stability and safety. DiCaprioโ€™s gesture, which included placing his hand on the pole to steady the guest and advising him to stay put until he felt better, demonstrated his caring demeanor beyond his Hollywood persona.

This act not only highlighted DiCaprioโ€™s willingness to assist others in need but also underscored his down-to-earth demeanor in informal social settings.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Heartwarming Gesture at Hamptons Bash

Leonardo DiCaprio’s presence at a Hamptons party not only highlighted his kindness but also his social magnetism. At the event, he was observed guiding an intoxicated guest to safety, with the guest obediently holding onto a pole as advised by DiCaprio.

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The actor attended the bash alongside longtime friend Tobey Maguire, while his girlfriend, model Vittoria Ceretti, was away in Italy for a Dolce and Gabbana ad shoot with Theo James.

Despite their physical distance, sources confirm DiCaprio and Ceretti are still together, with their last public appearance being at a Rolling Stones concert in May. The Hamptons gathering also featured rapper ASAP Ferg’s performance and drew notable figures like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, NBA star James Harden, and Kris Jenner’s partner Corey Gamble, along with Sports Illustrated model Brooks Nader.

Additionally, DiCaprio, Maguire, and others were seen at another party hosted by Ambra Battilana Gutierrez and Lizzy Aiello, attended by various celebrities and influencers, adding to the weekend’s vibrant social scene.


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