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Is Windfall Available on Netflix? Why the Characters in the Film Don’t Have Real Names?

The movie Windfall was very popular, but Netflix prevailed in the bidding war and paid eight figures for the rights to it. Along with Justin Lader, McDowell wrote the story, and Andrew Kevin wrote the script.

Lily Collins (Emily in Paris), Jesse Plemons (Power of the Dog), and Jason Segel, who is McDowell’s wife, also appear in the movie (Dispatches from Elsewhere). When Segel’s Nobody intrudes on their vacation property, Collins and Plemons’ characters, Wife and CEO, need a weekend away from it all.

As the Gardener, Omar Leyva makes an appearance. Collins, Plemons, Segel, Alex Orlovsky, Duncan Montgomery, and Jack Selby will also produce alongside McDowell.

Check Out This Handy “Windfall” Fact Sheet

Title Windfall
Directed by Charlie McDowell
Screenplay by Justin Lader

Andrew Kevin Walker

Release date March 18, 2022
Cinematography Isiah Donté Lee
Running time 92 minutes
Language English
Countries Ireland

United Kingdom


Is Windfall Available on Netflix?

A brazen burglar steals into the empty vacation property of a software millionaire, but his haughty wife arrives there unexpectedly for a last-minute escape, turning the situation into a disaster.

We are happy to let you know that it is currently available to stream on Netflix. You can go to Netflix and watch it there.

Is Windfall on Netflix? Why the Characters in the Film Don't Have Real Names?

Why the Characters in the Film Don’t Have Real Names?

Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins, and Jason Segel star in the Charlie McDowell-directed thriller Windfall, which is available on Netflix. Throughout its one-and-a-half hours, the movie turns its emphasis to its themes, highlighting the distance between the burglar and his victims.

The film is more engaging because viewers are free to construct their judgments of and emotional projections of the unnamed characters. Even though the film is primarily focused on its characters, the audience is not specifically affected by their identities.

In The Power of the Dog by Jesse Plemons, the CEO is shown as being distant from but entitled to the lives and futures of others, while the Wife is characterized as her husband’s auxiliary.

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The objective of the film is to depict the class gap; no one is named literally. However, Windfall shows viewers that what happened to Nobody, the CEO, and her Wife may happen to anybody who fits the template, causing them to examine their own lives.

Review For “Windfall”

The film “Windfall” is a misfire that follows two excellent actors on one set, Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker, as they strive to come up with a satisfying way to wrap things off. Jason Segel, the main character, visits a desert vacation home and drinks orange juice while hurling a glass a long way onto the land.

Then, after discovering some cash concealed in a book, he departs with a Rolex and some cash. The owner (Jesse Plemons) and his wife (Lily Collins) are astonished to see the intruder and a pretty low-key hostage scenario when they arrive.

Is Windfall on Netflix? Why the Characters in the Film Don't Have Real Names?

Although it’s not quite “Dog Day Afternoon,” the CEO homeowner tries to explain what to do next and makes a call to the CEO’s assistant to arrange for money to be wired to the vacation property, which will take around 36 hours.

Although the movie is fantastic, it never feels particularly unpleasant. The most assured person in the room is Plemons, a character from the film “Windfall.” He achieves huge success-related hubris without resorting to scenery chewing.

The CEO is certain that this cannot be a random act and is aware that he most certainly is on many people’s lists of opponents. Plemons infuses the movie with so much vitality that he keeps it together when he leaves for Collins and Segel’s protracted nocturnal talk.

The problem is that the movie never accomplishes the long burn it needs for the conclusion to be deserved, thus it never rebounds beyond that sequence. In the end, everyone faces risk when making decisions like robbing a house or getting married to the wrong person, CEOs, and individuals who have been laid off alike.

Trailer For “Windfall”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Movie Windfall Worth Seeing?

A stripped-down and really well-done thriller. The picture, which was a character-driven drama driven by characters that have fallen asleep at the wheel, failed miserably because of a disturbing overestimation of how much interest we will have in what three mostly uninteresting individuals have to say and do.

Is There a Twist in the Plot of Windfall?

The wife’s covert use of birth control pills to impede her husband’s plans for a child is also disclosed. Whether on purpose or not, it appears that the Wife started planning for a future without the CEO well before the robbery. And she seized the chance when it presented itself.

How Does Windfall Come to an End?

The wife took advantage of the opportunity to inherit wealth by murdering the CEO with Nobody’s gun (which she then returns to the dead man’s hand) so that authorities would believe the millionaire died in a botched robbery.

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