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Is What Men Want on Netflix? Why is “What Men Want” Worth Watching?

If you have a Netflix subscription, you might have seen the film “What Men Want.” In this romantic comedy, Ali Davis, a brilliant sports agent, is frequently passed over for advancement because she is a woman.

She eventually learns to hear men’s thoughts, which she utilizes to her advantage to advance professionally. Although the film has garnered a variety of evaluations, one thing is still up for debate: is “What Men Want” on Netflix worth your time? Let’s get started and find out.

Take a Look at This Handy “What Men Want” Fact Table

Title What Men Want
Directed by Adam Shankman
Screenplay by Tina Gordon

Alex Gregory

Peter Huyck

Produced by Taraji P Henson

James Lopez

Will Packer

Cinematography Jim Denault
Release date February 8, 2019
Language English
Country United States

Is What Men Want on Netflix?

If you’ve been looking forward to watching “What Men Want” on Netflix, you might be disappointed to hear that the movie is not presently accessible on the streaming site.

What Men Want

Netflix has removed the movie and television show “What Men Want” from its collection of films and shows as of the year 2023. But, given how frequently Netflix updates its catalog by adding and removing titles, this might shift in the not-too-distant future.

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Where Can You Watch “What Men Want”?

There are a few different routes you can take in order to see “What Men Want,” which you can choose from if you’re interested in doing so.

The motion picture can be rented or purchased through a variety of online services, including Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play, among others. In addition, the movie is offered on DVD and Blu-ray discs, which may be purchased from a variety of different stores.

Why is “What Men Want” Worth Watching?

Several factors make “What Men Want worthwhile viewing. The film, with its gender-swapped concept and the addition of supernatural aspects, gives a new and original perspective on the romantic comedy genre. Both the cast’s performances and the movie’s plot are of the highest caliber.

The film also discusses significant issues like gender equality and the difficulties experienced by women in fields with a preponderance of men. The film’s message is uplifting and motivating, making it a fantastic pick for people looking for a movie that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking.

Generally speaking, “What Men Want” is a terrific option for individuals who prefer romantic comedies with a twist and those who value films with strong messages and themes.

Review For “What Men Want”

In Nancy Meyers’ gender-flipped version of “What Women Want,” “What Men Want,” Mel Gibson plays an arrogant advertising executive who gains empathy and humility after hearing women’s opinions. The film “Think Like a Man” is comparable to Taraji P. Henson’s “Heart.”

The movie makes the case that men are adept at “mansplaining” women and using the media to influence their opinions. Henson plays Ali, a child of Skip, a single parent who runs a boxing gym and gave his daughter the name of his favorite heavyweight champion.

Skip is the father of Ali. Ali works in a Jerry Maguire-esque all-white sports agency that fosters toxic masculinity. She yells at Brandon, her assistant while gawking at attractive males.

Is What Men Want on Netflix Why is What Men Want Worth Watching

She loses funding since none of her clients—not even Olympic medalists with lucrative endorsement deals and widespread media attention—play in the NFL, NBA, or MLB.

Michael Keaton is a representation of the underworld, and you can use his words to gain influence and power. Ali gains the ability to read men’s minds thanks to Sister, a lighthearted psychic played by Erykah Badu. Although what Ali hears disgusts her, it helps her land Jamal, an NBA top selection prospect, as a new client.

For financial gain, Jamal’s overbearing father used the alias Joe Dolla. Ali’s newly acquired power might trick her. Ali’s finest negotiating tactic is claiming to be a stunning single dad while keeping her identity a secret.

The soundtrack by Adam Shankman features Morgan, Badu, Kellan Lutz, Pete Davidson, Phoebe Robinson, and Wendi McLendon-Covey as the lead performers.

Even in her most uncomfortable circumstances, readers are rooting for Ali thanks to Henson’s sincere and hilarious performance. Her eyes show when she truly feels a connection, tenderness, or vulnerability. Henson has to affect us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “What Men Want” Appropriate for All Ages?

The film is graded R for its profanity and sexual material, thus not all age groups may find it appropriate. While determining whether or not to allow their children to see the movie, parents should take caution.

Is “What Men Want” a Romantic Comedy?

The film, which tackles issues of gender equality and the difficulties experienced by women in male-dominated industries, has romantic undertones but is mostly a comedy.

Who Directed “What Men Want”?

Adam Shankman, who is recognized for his work on movies like “Hairspray” and “Rock of Ages,” directed this movie. Shankman is also known for his work on other movies.

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