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Based on the Best-Selling Novel by Claudia Tan: Is Perfect Addiction on Netflix?

Are you searching for your upcoming Netflix binge-watch? One of the newest dramas to appear on the streaming service, Perfect Addiction, has been getting a lot of attention.

But is your time really worth it? In this post, we’ll examine Perfect Addiction in greater detail, delving into its story, cast, production, and other aspects. You will have all the knowledge necessary to determine whether or not to add Perfect Addiction to your watchlist once you have finished reading this article.

Check Out This Handy “Perfect Addiction” Fact Sheet

Title Perfect Addiction
Directed by Castille Landon
Written by Stephanie Sanditz

Claudia Tan

Producer Jeremy Bolt
Music by  Jonathan Sanford
Teaser Editor Arne Herrmann
Language English
Country United States

Is Perfect Addiction on Netflix?

The online streaming behemoth boasts an extensive library of movies and television shows, but “Perfect Addiction” is not one of them. But don’t worry, because that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to watch this action drama movie at some point in the future!

I’d be happy to recommend some more action drama movies for you to enjoy. Here are some suggestions that I think you might like: The Dark Knight Rises, Red Notice, and The Mother.

Is Perfect Addiction Based on a Book?

The next novel on the list to be adapted is Perfect Addiction, which is based on a book written by Claudia Tan that was originally published on Wattpad.

The protagonist of the book is a young woman named Sienna, played by Kiana Madeira. Sienna is dealing with the fallout of discovering that her boyfriend is having an affair with her sister.

Trailer For “Perfect Addiction”

Where to Watch Perfect Addiction?

On March 24, 2023, the film titled “Perfect Addiction” will be released for streaming on the popular online platform known as Amazon Prime Video.

The Perfect Addiction Design Team: Who Are They?

Castille Landon was selected as the director of Perfect Addiction, which was a logical choice given her prior work. As the director of both After We Fell and After Ever Happy, Landon has already collaborated with Kiana Madeira.

Given the comparable genre and target audience for the After series and the Perfect series, her expertise working on both movies should be an asset. Fear of Rain, a 2021 psychological thriller, was also directed by Castille Landon.

Naturally, Perfect Addiction is based on Claudia Tan’s best-selling novel of the same name. With the Perfect book series, Tan has established a name for herself. Despite the fact that each novel in the series can be read independently, they share a common setting.

The other books may also be adapted, but Perfect Addiction is the first to make the transition to the big screen. Perhaps the anguish shouldn’t come as a surprise because Tan names Colleen Hoover as one of her main influences.

Stephanie Sanditz wrote the Perfect Addiction screenplay. Prior to creating The High Life, Sanditz also created and starred in the television series Talk Like Love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Movie About Perfect Addiction Be Made?

The limited release of Perfect Addiction will take place on Monday, March 27, 2023. Perfect Addiction will only be presented in a limited number of cinema theatres in significant markets.

Kayden’s Role in Perfect Addiction is Played by Who?

Matthew Noszka portrays Sienna’s ex-boyfriend Jax. Noszka has previously appeared in the films Let It Snow and Star. Ross Butler plays Kayden, the new warrior Sienna is training.

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