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Is Patsy and Loretta on Netflix? How Did Patsy and Loretta Meet?

Callie Khouri is the director of the 2019 television biographical drama movie Patsy & Loretta. The relationship between Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, two country music icons, served as the inspiration for Angelina Burnett’s screenplay. Kyle Schmid, Janine Turner, Jessie Mueller, and Megan Hilty are the main actors.

On October 19, 2019, the movie debuted on Lifetime. The 10th Critics’ Choice Television Awards recognized the movie with a nomination for Best Feature. Also up for the Best Actress in a TV Movie award were Megan Hilty and Jessie Mueller.

Take a Look at This Handy “Patsy and Loretta” Fact Sheet

Title Patsy and Loretta 
Directed by Callie Khouri
Written by Angelina Burnett
Release date October 19, 2019
Producer Michael Lohmann
Running time 87 minutes
Language English
Countries United Kingdom

Is Patsy and Loretta on Netflix?

Megan Hilty and Jessie Mueller didn’t have to pretend too much while playing best friends in Patsy & Loretta, the deeply moving story of the friendship shared by country music icons Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.

Patsy & Loretta is based on the true story of the friendship shared by Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. They established a close friendship almost immediately after receiving their Lifetime-produced 2019 biopic’s casting call, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Is Patsy and Loretta on Netflix How Did Patsy and Loretta Meet

How Did Patsy and Loretta Meet?

“An Exchange of Thoughts,” Patsy asked to meet Lynn for the first time after hearing her sing a cover of “I Fall to Pieces” on the radio while she was recovering from her recent automobile accident and listening to the radio while she was convalescing. Throughout their time on the Opry tour, the two would quickly become inseparable.

Later on in her biography, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Lynn discussed the album that was a tribute to her buddy who had passed away.

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Review For “Patsy and Loretta”

Patsy Cline stands out among the many unforgettable icons whose captivating tales are presented in Ken Burns’ most recent epic history of country music on PBS because her magnificent career was cut short way too soon—(historical spoiler alert)—she passed away in a plane crash in 1963 at the age of 30.

In contrast, Loretta Lynn’s fame continues to shine bright because, of her incredible longevity, and every time she appears in a Burns film, it makes the movie better.

In one unforgettable exchange, she says to the interviewer, “The songs are just life.” She continues, chuckling, “I’ve either seen it or I’ve lived it, and I never would tell my husband which one it was.”

The lives of these legendary figures inspired two critically acclaimed film biographies: Sweet Dreams about Cline (which earned Jessica Lange an Oscar nomination), and Coal Miner’s Daughter about Lynn (an Oscar for Sissy Spacek). Lifetime’s entertainingly schmaltzy Patsy & Loretta further immortalize them.

Is Patsy and Loretta on Netflix How Did Patsy and Loretta Meet

This brisk, tender, heartfelt, and naturally tuneful ode to female friendship is produced by Neil Meron, making a welcome return to television after the passing of his producing partner Craig Zadan (together responsible for many a live TV musical among other significant events), and it is directed by Callie Khouri (Nashville).

As the outspoken and driven Patsy, Megan Hilty (Smash) provides a really strong performance. Because Patsy is the life of the party, her untimely death is all the more devastating. She serves as a willing and wonderful mentor to the more impressionable but naturally talented Loretta, who is portrayed by Jessie Mueller.

Although less well-known to TV viewers, Mueller is versatile enough to have won a Tony Award for channeling the soul and voice of another legendary musician, Carole King (in the musical Beautiful).

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Seeing Patsy, a powerful force of musical nature, mentor the more naive Loretta is motivating and a lot of fun. Even yet, the film can be a little hazy as it rushes through the characters’ personal and professional lives, going from exciting Grand Ole Opry performances to more formulaic household soap operas.

Even though Patsy’s husband Charlie (Kyle Schmid) is an alcoholic and Loretta’s husband Doo (Joe Tippett) is a temperamental and envious handful, both women support their husbands.

Trailer For “Patsy and Loretta”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Patsy and Loretta a Worthwhile Film?

The movie “Patsy & Loretta” condenses 18 months of a tragically brief friendship between two country music icons. Parts of the script are weak. Some of the dialogue doesn’t make sense, and the movie sometimes uses confusing rather than clear-cut techniques to depict their simultaneous lives.

Who Sung in the Film Patsy and Loretta?

Mueller and Hilty both provide their performances of the singers’ great songs in the movie, which they both found to be very difficult and significant.

Was Loretta Emotional on Stage?

The period covered by Coal Miner’s Daughter ranges from 1948 in Kentucky through the 1970s, the year Loretta Lynn collapsed on stage due to a nervous breakdown.

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