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Is Lord of the Skies on Netflix? What Happens at the End of the Story?

I start watching the eighth season of “The Lord of the Skies,” a Telemundo series starring Rafael Amaya, after the dramatic conclusion of the third episode of “La Reina del Sur.”

Aurelio Casillas will once more put his life in danger for vengeance in the upcoming episodes as he forges a strong alliance with old comrades, contends with fresh romances, and unearths family mysteries.

actors like Thal Garcia, Alan Slim, Karen Sandoval, Denia Agalianou, Carlos Corona, Daniel Martnez, Elsy Reyes, José Sedek, and Roberto Escobar, in addition to Amaya. actors like Carmen Aub, Iván Arana, Isabella Castillo, Alejandro López, Renata Manterola, Maricela González, Karla Carrillo, Alan Slim, and Roberto Esco

The eighth season of “The Lord of the Skies” debuted on January 17, 2023, and it airs on Telemundo in the US from Monday through Friday. Will it, however, be accessible via Netflix as well?

Here Are Some Quick Facts About “Lord of the Skies”

Title Lord of the Skies( El Señor de los Cielos )
Directed by José Luis García Agraz, Carlos Villegas Rosales, Walter Doehner, Danny Gavidia, Jaime Segura, Juan Carlos Valdivia, Conrado Martínez, Mauricio Meneses, and Bernardo Mota
Creative Directors Carlos Herrera and Olin Díaz
Produced by Monica Francesca Vizzi, Ana Graciela Ugalde, Carolina Leconte, and Iván Aranda
Production Argos Comunicación
Orignal Release Date 15 April 2013 – present
Genre Telenovela
Music by Marco Flores, Rodrigo Maurovich, and Eduardo Jaramillo
Country of Origin United States

Is Lord of the Skies on Netflix?

Netflix no longer has “The Lord of the heavens” accessible. However, it was formerly a part of the vast library of the well-known streaming service, so it’s feasible that it will reappear there after the publication of the new chapters.

It would not be unexpected for the fiction produced by Juan Carlos Valdivia, Conrado Martnez, and Mauricio Meneses to reappear in the catalog given that the third season of “La reina del sur,” another popular Telemundo production, is also accessible on the platform.

In the instance of “queen of the south 3,” just a portion of the season was first made available, and the remaining chapters were published after the show’s American broadcast came to an end. Will “The Lord of the Skies 8” experience something similar?

Review For “Lord of the Skies”

A Mexican telenovela (soap opera) called The Lord of the Skies debuted in 2013. Reviews for it have been varied; some have praised its plot twists and action-packed moments, while others have criticized its formulaic plot and over-the-top acting. Ultimately, a person’s enjoyment of The Lord of the Skies will rely on their unique television viewing preferences.

One piece of Mexican legend that permeates every level of society is the tale of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the drug lord who even flew 727s loaded with cocaine to the Sonoran desert and left them there. The story of this Telemundo and Argos television series illustrates what the majority of people already knew via newspapers and the official TV network, Televisa.

The plot and the characters in Season 1 are convincing, true to the legend, and genuinely terrifying. Colombians and Mexicans are all too familiar with it. Some of the actors give excellent performances, and the characters are all readily recognizable.

However, narratively, it ranks with the Caracol creations of El Cartel de los Sapos and El Seor del Mal, Pablo Escobar, as one of those enduring television programs.

Is Lord of the Skies on Netflix? Is the Plot Based on a True Event?

It’s disappointing to see that Telemundo went to such efforts to produce something as poorly penned as the remaining seasons in order to keep the franchise alive indefinitely.

It’s unfortunate to witness how the characters lose their soul and how the tale is fabricated, ludicrous, and completely predictable. The strong and dramatic serial that Season 1 was is replaced with a classic telenovela.

The production values are excellent, but they never quite measure up to those of Caracol’s gorgeous settings, historical artifacts, captivating characters, and strong Colombian performers. Pablo Escobar as portrayed by Andres Parra in El Cartel de los Sapos and Pablo Escobar, El Patron del Mal may be very difficult to create as a terrifying persona.

I suppose you should never attempt second sections when they are not necessary and end when things are finished. Data is reliable. When they chose to “make” something that no one would ever be able to identify with, that is what happened to this wonderful narrative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Plot of Lord of the Skies Based on a True Event?

Amado Carrillo Fuentes, a Mexican drug lord most known for utilizing Boeing 727 planes to carry cocaine from Colombia, is the subject of the true-life story that served as the basis for the film El Seor. Fuentes actually tried to get plastic surgery to change his appearance, but he passed away in a hospital in 1997.

What Was the Income of the Lord of the Skies?

Amado Carrillo Fuentes, a major drug trafficker in Mexico estimated to be worth $25 billion, was born on December 17, 1956, in Guamchil, Sinaloa. At the height of his influence, he was referred to as “The Lord of the Skies.”

Who Exactly is the True Lord of the Skies?

Since Amado Carrillo operated a sizable fleet of planes to transport drugs, he earned the nickname “El Seor de Los Cielos” (The Lord of the Skies).

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