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Is it safe to download software from emulatorgames.net? : r/Roms

It seems like every day there’s a new emulatorgame.net scandal. From malware to ads that hijack your browser, it seems as if this site is nothing but trouble. But is emulatorgames.net really a safe site to download from? In this reddit thread, users share their experiences downloading games from the site and offer some valuable insights into the dangers of using emulatorgames.net. Take a look and decide for yourself whether or not emulationgames.net is worth your time and energy.



Since its launch in 2010, emulatorgames.net has become one of the most popular websites for downloading ROMs and emulators. However, with so many dodgy sites out there, is this site safe to download from?

According to the website itself, emulatorgames.net operates a Tight Security System which includes multiple security layers such as: SSL Encryption and two-factor authentication. Furthermore, all downloads are monitored and any unauthorized activity is immediately reported to the authorities.

All in all, we believe that emulatorgames.net is a safe site to download from. If you have any concerns about using this website, however, we recommend that you consult your trusted online security advisers before making any final decisions.

Is emulatorgames.net a safe site to download from?

Overall, emulatorgames.net is a safe site to download from. However, as with any website, it is always best to exercise caution and never download anything you don’t absolutely trust. Additionally, be sure to read the site’s FAQ and safety guidelines before downloading anything.


Is emulatorgames.net a safe site to download from? : r/Roms The short answer is yes, emulationgames.net is a safe site to download from, provided that you are using the recommended browser extension and have installed the latest version of adblock. However, as with all online sites, it is always advisable to exercise caution when downloading anything from an unknown source.

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