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Is “Chick Fight” Streaming on Netflix? Here’s What You Need to Know!

If you’re a fan of the action-comedy genre, then you’ve probably heard of “Chick Fight.” Released in 2020, this film is all about Anna Wyncomb, a woman who stumbles upon an underground all-female fight club as a way to cope with her struggles.

With an all-star cast featuring Malin Akerman, Bella Thorne, and Alec Baldwin, it’s no surprise that this movie has quickly gained a following among fans of the genre. But here’s the big question: can you stream “Chick Fight” on Netflix? Let’s find out!

Take a Look at This Handy โ€œChick Fightโ€

Title Chick Fight
Directed by Paul Leyden
Written by Joseph Downey
Edited by Kevin Armstrong
Release date November 13, 2020
Music by Benson Taylor
Language English
Country United States

Is Chick Fight on Netflix?

Now to address the main query: is “Chick Fight” accessible on Netflix? Yes, but there is a catch to the statement. In some regions, but not all, “Chick Fight” can be seen on Netflix as of March 2023.

“Chick Fight” is not currently accessible on Netflix in the United States. It is nevertheless accessible on other streaming services like Google Play and Amazon Prime Video. “Chick Fight” is accessible on Netflix in different nations like Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Don’t worry if you don’t live in a country where “Chick Fight” is accessible on Netflix. There are still several options for watching this movie online, including various streaming services, platforms like Amazon or Google Play, and renting or buying it.

Trailer For โ€œChick Fightโ€

Why You Should Watch “Chick Fight”?

You absolutely must watch “Girl Fight” if you enjoy action comedies. Akerman, Thorne, and Baldwin are among the film’s impressive cast members, and they all give standout performances. The movie has a fantastic balance of heart and humor, and the battle scenes are fascinating to watch and well-choreographed.

Chick Fight” covers significant subjects including bereavement, addiction, and female empowerment in addition to its entertainment appeal. The bonds she forges with her fellow combatants are endearing, and Anna’s path is both familiar and inspirational.

Overall, “Chick Fight” is a positive and entertaining film that will keep viewers entertained. This movie is a terrific choice for a movie night, whether you’re viewing it for the first time or the second time.

Critical Reception and Awards

“Chick Fight” garnered mixed reviews from critics, as some lauded its empowering message and humor, while others lambasted its predictable plot and superficiality. The film presently holds a rating of 4.4/10 on IMDb and a 47% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite the divergent reactions, “Chick Fight” snagged nominations for various awards, including the coveted Best Comedy prize at the esteemed 2020 Napa Valley Film Festival.

Is Chick Fight Streaming on Netflix Here's What You Need to Know

Review for โ€œChick Fightโ€

Joseph Downey’s film “Chick Fight” is a bizarre fantasy in which women beat the living daylights out of one another. In slow motion, it shows female fighters fighting and kicking, bleeding, sweating, and eventually collapsing to the ground.

Malin Akerman, who also serves as producer, and David Fincher’s “Fight Club” are the story’s inspirations. With her car being towed, her coffee shop failing, her mother recently passing away, and her father (six-foot-ten former wrestler Kevin Nash) coming out as sexually fluid, Anna is a single Florida woman whose life is falling apart in the opening scene.

His flirtatious interactions with Alec Mapa, who plays his small boyfriend, are notably tacky in their cliched flamboyance. Fortune Anna is a guest at Feimster, a combat club run by a wisecracking, no-nonsense Bear (Dulce Sloan). The purpose of the club is to put Anna in an artificial environment where she must compete against the group’s reigning champion, Olivia (Bella Thorne), and Kevin Connolly, the only man permitted in the space.

In addition, Alec Baldwin, a reformed alcoholic who spends his days and nights at a seaside bar, and Anna have an ambiguous romantic relationship. In a series of mandatory training montages, Baldwin’s Jack Murphy unhappily takes Anna through her paces, and in one of them, she can be seen repeatedly hitting a watermelon on the sand.

After so much unashamed raunchiness, the sudden shift into mushy, feel-good material is not just odd, it is also unimportant. It’s too late to add genuine emotion to the story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “Chick Fight” Based on a True Story?

No, the story “Chick Fight” is fictitious. Yet, it is inspired by actual all-female combat clubs and the empowerment that they may offer to women.

Can My Kids and I Watch “Chick Fight” Together?

Although having a heavy violence, profanity, and sexual content rating of R, “Chick Fight” might not be suitable for all audiences. Before evaluating whether a movie is appropriate for your children, we suggest reading the rating and content warnings.

Is “Chick Fight” a Suitable Choice for a Group Movie Night?

Absolutely! “Chick Fight” is an entertaining film with lots of humor and action. It’s a fantastic option for a family or friend movie night.

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