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Is Blue Story on Netflix? What Are the Controversies Surrounding Blue Story?

Do you enjoy watching crime dramas on television? If your answer is yes, then you have probably heard of the book “Blue Story.” It is a well-liked British crime thriller that chronicles the narrative of two friends who, as a result of their involvement in a gang war, find themselves pitted against each other.

The movie was just recently released in 2019, and it has already garnered a lot of praise for the potent storyline, direction, and acting it features.

You have arrived at the right place if you are interested in learning whether or not the movie “Blue Story” is on Netflix. We are going to cover everything you need to know about the Netflix original series “Blue Story” in this article.

Take a Look at This Handy “Blue Story” Fact Table

Title Blue Story
Directed by Rapman
Screenplay by Rapman
Produced by Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

Damian Jones

Cinematography Simon Stolland
Release date 22 November 2019
Language English
Country United Kingdom

Is Blue Story on Netflix?

It is true that “Blue Story” can be watched on Netflix. The movie is available to stream on the platform in a variety of countries, such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. However, depending on where you are located, the movie may or may not be available to watch.

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Why “Blue Story” is Worth Watching?

The compelling plot of “Blue Story,” which illuminates the grim realities of gang violence, makes it worthwhile to watch. The struggle of young people who must decide between loyalty to their friends and the desire to end the cycle of violence is portrayed in the film.

Blue Story

The acting is likewise top-notch, with the lead actors giving compelling performances that bring the narrative to life. The film is an immersive experience for the audience thanks to the excellent direction and cinematography.

What Are the Controversies Surrounding Blue Story?

Blue Story has been mired in controversy ever since it was first made available to the public, despite the widespread accolades and commercial success that it has received.

The movie was initially pulled from some UK cinemas due to worries about violence and safety, and it has been attacked by some for its portrayal of gang culture and its use of violent language.

Is the Story Behind Blue Story True?

The director of the movie, Rapman, who grew up in Deptford in the London borough of Lewisham, based Blue Story on his own real-life experiences.

Blue Story’s plot is based on the director’s own experiences, although for dramatic effect, the film’s characters and events have been fictionalized.

The Ghetto Boys and the Peckham Boys, two fictional gangs, are based on actual organizations that have existed since the 1980s and 1990s, respectively.

Several violent altercations that made the news at the time, including a gunfight outside the Urban Music Awards in October 2004 in which 18 gunshots were reportedly exchanged, occurred when their long-standing rivalry was at its worst in the middle of the 2000s.

Review For “Blue Story”

Blue Story was popular in the UK. A violent outburst followed a showing in Birmingham, which sparked terror and racial indignation. Rapman Andrew Onwubolu wrote and directed this cautionary urban drama.

It shows Rapman’s boyhood in Deptford and actual gangs in Peckham, a southern London neighborhood torn apart by gang conflict. Two childhood friends, Timmy (an exceptional Stephen Odubola) and Marco (Michael Ward) fall in love, and Marco is persuaded to join his gang by a ruthless older brother.

Is Blue Story on Netflix What Are the Controversies Surrounding Blue Story

Marco loses empathy as Timmy gains compassion, which results in tragedy and, in the second half, transforms the movie into a story of vengeance and cycles of violence and suffering. As one gang retaliates against the other, the other must step up its response.

Rapman’s film “Blue Story” has a lot of Peckham slang, giving US viewers a distinctive experience. It gained popularity thanks to the “Shiro’s Story” YouTube series, which has received over 21 million views. Even when they are only slanging, the movie’s heroes are restless.

Even though some of the actors are inexperienced, it emphasizes how well-known the urban melodrama is. Rapman accentuates the special tale to illustrate how commonplace gang violence is. Street violence and gang culture decimate Timmy and Marco’s lives and communities in Blue Story.

It is not based on John Singleton or Spike Lee, but rather on traditional theatrical tragedy with an in-scene narrator and a high body count. Rapman’s singular approach to the genre is distinctive because it appears to be positive about people discovering and sharing his new work while restricted at home. A VOD release took the place of the March 20th broad release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Message Does Blue Story Convey?

Blue Story is an “essential film” that tries to demonstrate the “futility of gang violence,” according to BBC Films, which justified its creation. “We are outraged by the tragedy at Star City and our thoughts are with all those impacted,” a BBC Films spokeswoman stated.

How True to Life is Blue Story?

The movie, he continued, “essentially depicts what occurs on the roadways.” “The violence between students at many schools is accurate. We attended school and went through that. Violence is what occurs; it is not glorified.

In Blue Story, Who is the Evil Guy?

Marco, also known as Bricker, is one of the two major protagonists in Rapman’s Youtube trilogy and 2019 film Blue Story, along with Timmy, his adversary, his ex-best buddy, and the main antagonist from his point of view.

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