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Is “Antlers” on Netflix? How does “The Silent Kid” Compares to “Antlers”?

You may have heard of the horror film “Antlers” if you are a fan of movies and are always looking for the newest and best films to add to your watchlist. If this describes you, then you should check out “Antlers.”

The spine-chilling story told in “Antlers,” which was directed by Scott Cooper and produced by Guillermo del Toro, centers on a teacher in a rural community in Oregon who makes the horrifying discovery that one of her pupils is concealing a horrible secret.

But can you watch “Antlers” on Netflix in its streaming entirety? In this piece, we will discuss everything there is to know about the show “Antlers,” including how you can watch it from the convenience of your own home, and where you can find it.

Take a Look at This Handy โ€œAntlersโ€ Fact Sheet

Title Antlers
Directed by Scott Cooper
Screenplay by C. Henry Chaisson

Nick Antosca

Scott Cooper

Editors Dylan Tichenor
Cinematography Florian Hoffmeister
Release date October 11, 2021 (Beyond Fest)

October 29, 2021 (United States)

Language English
Country United States



Is “Antlers” on Netflix?

Unfortunately, “Antlers” is not currently available to stream on Netflix at this time. The film is currently being shown in cinemas, and it is not known when it will be made available on a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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Why “Antlers” is Worth Watching?

“Antlers” is a movie that is recommended for viewing for several reasons in addition to the fact that it is available to stream online. First of all, the film has a distinct plot that is different from that of every other horror film. The well-written plot and well-rounded characters make the movie more interesting for spectators.

Second, Scott Cooper, a renowned director with great filmmaking abilities, is behind the camera. Critics have praised his past films, like “Crazy Heart” and “Out of the Furnace,” and “Antlers” is no different. Critics have given the film favorable reviews and lauded it for its cinematography and storyline.

Ultimately, the director of “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “The Shape of Water” and producer of “Antlers” Guillermo del Toro. His involvement boosted the horror aspects of the film, making it a must-see for fans of the genre.

Trailer For โ€œAntlersโ€

Other Streaming Platforms that Offer “Antlers”

While “Antlers” is not currently available to stream on Netflix, it is accessible via streaming on several other sites. If a user has a Hulu premium subscription, for instance, they can watch the show “Antlers.” In addition, viewers can watch the film on HBO Max, a streaming service that provides access to a wide variety of films and television shows, including well-known examples of the horror genre.

How does “The Silent Kid” Compares to “Antlers”?

The horror author Nick Antosca is well-known for penning episodes of the terrifying television programs Brand New Cherry Flavor and Channel Zero. In 2019, Scott Cooper, the director of Hostiles, and Guillermo del Toro, the producer, adapted his short tale “The Silent Boy” for the big screen in the supernatural horror film Antlers.

Both movies feature characters who realize their father and brother are being transformed into cannibalistic monsters by an evil spirit while working as teachers in small towns that are plagued by poverty.

The film shifts the action from the original setting of West Virginia to Oregon and makes considerable modifications to characters and plot aspects, making the distinctions between the two immediately clear.

While Julia is an unprepared 23-year-old who is forcibly assigned to her position by Teach for America in Antlers and “The Silent Boy,” she is an older woman in the movie version who has recently returned to her hometown following the suicide of her abusive father.

Frank, Lucas’ father, plays an abusive man in the horror movie adaptation, which makes him a different character from the original. In Antlers, Frank becomes infected by a supernatural being that he unintentionally meets and is later identified as a wendigo, a mythical Native American beast. In the end, Julia manages to kill Frank and his son while escaping unharmed, opening the possibility of an antler’s sequel.

Reviews for โ€œAntlersโ€

Antlers, a slimy, nasty, brutal picture of human evil, don’t always work. The Silent Boy, by Antosca, inspired director Scott Cooper and producer Guillermo del Toro to create it. It takes place in an Oregon blue-collar town that has been decimated by economic downturns and drug addiction.

Is Antlers on Netflix How does The Silent Kid Compares to Antlers

Paul Meadows (Jesse Plemons) is the reluctant sheriff of this town, and his sister Julia (Keri Russell) has come home to a place that traumatized her as a youngster and now feels like the gloomiest town on Earth. Antlers will gain fans despite its shortcomings.

Antlers follows Lucas (Jeremy T. Thomas), a little child who is trapped in his house by his father Frank (Scott Haze), and his sibling Aiden (Sawyer Jones). The film uses shadows to reveal fear in the dark corner. Lucas shuts his door at night hoping it will become worse.

Florian Hoffmeister directed and Dylan Tichenor edited the film, which uses forced POVs and startling visuals. Despite its weaknesses, the writing emphasizes character concerns, and excellent supporting actors like Amy Madigan and Graham Greene feel undeveloped. Scott Cooper’s films about broken individuals inspire admirers, and it has some humor to break up the kid’s torture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Antlers Film Horrific?

Although having intriguing characters and creative creature design, this dark, nasty film also heavily relies on jump scares and excessive gore. It also contains frightening scenes of children in danger.

What is the Basis for the Film Antlers?

Scott Cooper’s Antlers is a 2021 supernatural horror movie with Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons, Jeremy T. Thomas, Graham Greene, Scott Haze, Rory Cochrane, and Amy Madigan in the lead roles. The Silent Boy, a short tale by Nick Antosca, served as the inspiration for the script.

What Happens in Antlers’ Awful Ending?

Julia tore out its heart after “Antlers” to put it to death. Yet, a new catastrophe awaited. She discovered that Aiden was also possessed, so she also stabbed Aiden in the heart to put an end to the horrors. Lucas lost both his father and brother, which marked the start of a lifetime of trauma.

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