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Elizabeth Holmes Net Worth: How Much Money Does Elizabeth Holmes Have In The Bank?

According to CNN, Elizabeth Holmes, who is now 37 years old and was the founder and former CEO of Theranos, is scheduled to be sentenced on November 18 following her conviction on four counts of fraud and deceiving investors in January.

Holmes was found guilty on these charges. According to The Wall Street Journal, the government’s prosecutors have asked for a sentence of fifteen years in prison, followed by three years of supervised release and more than eight hundred million dollars in restitution.

As you may recall from the numerous books, podcasts, and TV shows (such as The Dropout on Hulu), the company promised a new and revolutionary way to draw and test blood with just a finger pinprick.

This was one of the main selling points of the company. Holmes asserted that her device had the potential to diagnose serious medical conditions such as cancer and high cholesterol levels.

Elizabeth Holmes Net Worth


Elizabeth Holmes is a successful American entrepreneur who has a net worth of zero dollars. Elizabeth Holmes’ now-defunct healthcare technology business, Theranos, which she established and headed brought her notoriety, a fleeting paper wealth, and a conviction for criminal activity.

When the corporation began making claims that it had transformed blood testing, the valuation of the company increased.

However, a number of investigations came to the conclusion that the company was allegedly misleading investors with its advertisements and promises of high returns on their investments.

The subsequent scandal was responsible for the downfall of Theranos and led to the indictment of both Holmes and her ex-boyfriend, who was also the company’s chief operating officer Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani.

Elizabeth’s paper had a net value of $4.5 billion when the company’s valuation was at its highest point of $9 billion. That was sufficient to make Elizabeth the youngest person in the world to become a billionaire via their own efforts.

As soon as the controversy broke, she was compelled to resign from her position at Theranos and give up a significant amount of shares in a business that would eventually lose all of its value.

Years later, when Elizabeth was required to appear in court in Arizona, she claimed that she was unable to pay for legal representation and asked that one be supplied for her.

At various points during its funding, Theranos received investments totaling $945 million from investors such as the Walton family, the Devos family, Henry Kissinger, and Rupert Murdoch, among others.

On January 3, 2022, a jury convicted Elizabeth Holmes guilty on all four charges of wire fraud she was charged with.

Elizabeth was found guilty on the 18th of November, 2022, and given a prison sentence of 135 months, which is slightly more than 11 years.

Elizabeth Holmes Personal Life


Approximately at the same time that Holmes left Stanford University in 2003, she began a romantic relationship with a Pakistani immigrant named Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, who was a technology entrepreneur 19 years her senior.

In 2005, the couple decided to start living together. After a number of years of providing Holmes with business advice behind the scenes, Balwani officially joined Theranos in 2009 as the company’s chief operating officer.

Later, during the 2016 fraud investigations, he resigned from his position at the company. After another three years, Holmes tied the knot with hotel heir William Evans.

During her criminal trial in 2021, it came to light that the young family had been renting a house that was situated on a storied $135 million estate in the Woodside neighbourhood of the Silicon Valley suburb.

At One Point In Time, Her Net Worth Was Approximately $4.5 Billion

Forbes estimated that Holmes’ net worth in 2015 was $4.5 billion, placing her at the top of the list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women published by Forbes. (That’s a “b” for billion, by the way.)

In 2016, Forbes reported that after speaking to a dozen venture capitalists, analysts, and industry experts, they came to the conclusion that a more realistic value for Theranos is $800 million.

This number dropped significantly after this report was published. However, they found out that Holmes only owned half of the company’s stock, and because she would be paid after other investors, they determined that her fortune was “nothing.” After that, she was no longer included on the Forbes list.

In 2016, Forbes revised their estimate of her net worth to zero dollars

Forbes revised its estimate of Holmes’s net worth to zero in 2016, following the publication of allegations that he had engaged in fraudulent activity.


According to Entrepreneur, even though some analysts believed that her net worth at that time was more likely around $800 million, she only owned half of Theranos’ stock and had a large number of investors to pay back, so it made sense to reduce their estimate.

Following her conviction, she could receive a sentence of up to twenty years in prison and a fine of up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Additionally, there is a possibility that she is responsible for additional restitution payments on each of the four counts of fraud.

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According to Vanity Fair, in 2019, Holmes tied the knot with William “Billy” Evans, an heir to a hospitality business who was 29 years old.

The Evans Hotel Group, which is known as a “preeminent provider of resort accommodations” in Southern California, was established by Evans’ grandparents. According to Business Insider, his parents are the ones who currently run the company.

During the course of her trial, CNBC reported that she and Evans had been residing on a 74-acre estate that was valued at $135 million just outside of Palo Alto, California.

It features “four pools adorn the grounds, including a stadium-sized Roman pool,” as well as a tennis court, a flower and vegetable garden, and a reservoir that is reserved solely for the property in question.

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