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Zachariah Smith’s American Idol Wife, and What is His Age?

Zachariah Smith, the charismatic American Idol contender, is capturing audiences’ hearts and stealing the show. Zachariah has established himself as a competitor to be reckoned with thanks to his wife, the steadfastly encouraging Crysta Marie.

His most recent performance during Hollywood Week left viewers in awe as he screamed out the legendary Queen classic, “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Although the judge, Katy Perry, had her doubts at first and dismissed Zachariah as a simple gimmick, Zachariah’s extraordinary talent and unwavering enthusiasm won her over, and she was unable to resist bestowing upon him accolades.

Zachariah has made a lasting impression on the judges and the adoring audience with his jaw-dropping vocals and fascinating movements.

Zachariah Smith American Idol Wife

Zachariah Smith and Crysta Smith enjoy a lovely connection because of their mutual love, support, and passion for music. The pair have maintained their love despite juggling three children and demanding lives.

Zachariah Smith and Crysta Smith


Zach has looked to Crysta as his rock during his time on American Idol, supporting him while he follows his musical passion. The pair gets help from their parents and in-laws, which eases their lives a little because she runs a restaurant and Zach works at a fast food restaurant.

Zach recently decided to pursue music, which required a leap of faith, but with his wife supporting him from the sidelines, he’s ready to take on the world.

What Age Is American Idol’s Zachariah Smith?

Zachariah Smith, a 19-year-old emerging star on the American Idol stage, has spectators in awe of his evident skill. He is among the favorites to win the competition despite his youth because of his impressive abilities.

Zachariah worked at Bill’s Hamburgers in Amory, Mississippi, before embarking on his reality-TV career, but music has always been his true passion. Zachariah began singing at the young age of six and took up the guitar at the age of eight.

Zachariah Smith

He has wanted to compete on American Idol since he was 15 years old. But he made the smart decision to gain experience before entering the main arena.

His perseverance and hard work are now paying off, as he exudes confidence and gives breathtaking performances that astound spectators. This teenage musical sensation has a promising future.

Does American Idol Zachariah Smith Have Kids?

He has three stepchildren, Mayer Mans, Timber, and Adelyne.ย These youngsters are the offspring of his wife’s first union.

Smith has a younger sister who looks up to him. She is only 15 years old, but she has been actively supporting her brother by publicizing his success on American Idol in their community.

Zachariah Smith

Before entering the Idol competition, Zach used to work at a family-run burger restaurant.

And last, it’s obvious that he is a fantastic father because of his warm demeanor and enthusiasm for his stepchildren. In the future, if he decides to start his own, he will succeed without a doubt.


In conclusion, Zachariah Smith’s mesmerizing performances on American Idol and his wife Crysta Marie’s unflinching support have elevated him to new heights. He is one of the competition’s top contenders because of his talent and charisma, which have impressed judges and audiences alike.

Zachariah and Crysta have managed to keep a close relationship based on their mutual love of music despite managing three kids and busy lives.

Zachariah’s experience on American Idol is proof of his enthusiasm, tenacity, and the strength of unflinching support from loved ones, with the backing of their families and a bright future ahead.

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