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Where Can I Watch American Horror Story Season 11?

Even after 10 seasons, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s long-running horror anthology American Horror Story still gives viewers chills, thrills, and plot twists that make them think.

The show was so popular that it spawned a spinoff called American Horror Stories, which is now in its second season at FX on Hulu. Part of the team’s success comes from their ability to keep things interesting with a new theme each season and a rotating cast of actors (and characters) who tend to show up out of the blue.

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour, FX chairman John Landgraf said that season 11 of American Horror Story would be on TV screens this fall. The show has been picked up through season 13.

FX likes to keep the details of the show a secret until the premiere, so it’s not unusual to know almost nothing about the show’s theme until the premiere. In the coming weeks, we’re sure to find out more about who’s coming back for the new season of the horror anthology.

The Plot of Season 11 of American Horror Story

Even though we don’t know much about the plot of season 11, we can guess that there will be links to previous seasons. Not only can characters from past seasons show up in season 11, but so can places from those seasons. The fun part is that you never know what to expect until the first episode.

 american horror story season 11

The AHS spinoff American Horror Stories is now in its second season, and the first episode of this season had a link to Coven, which was in AHS season 2. The spinoff’s first season had a connection to the first season of AHS, which became known as Murder House.

That means that there are more links between the shows than ever before. Stories from American Horror Story can now connect to stories from the spinoff and vice versa. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have, in fact, made a world where people can have fun, and they do.

The Cast of Season 11 of American Horror Story

Deadline said that Zachary Quinto, Billie Lourd, Patti LuPone, and Isaac Powell, who were all on AHS before, would be joining the cast in season 11. Sandra Bernhard, Joe Montello, and Charlie Carver are among the new faces in the series.

Casting is a closely held secret, just like everything else in the AHS world. Still, there are a few important actors who have been in more than one season of AHS (and now American Horror Stories) and who could be in season 11.

american horror story season 11

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have been with the AHS family for a long time. Both actors took a break during season 9, but they came back for season 10. If they’re available, they’ll probably show up in some way, whether it’s as a full-season character or as a guest star.

Paulson recently told Variety (opens in new tab) that she’s open to coming back to AHS, but she’s worried that fans might be more interested in seeing new faces in the franchise. But that wasn’t the only thing that could have made her fail.

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“For a second, let someone else scream, run, and cry. Even more, people can do that! Also, my nervous system. When I was younger, I used to think, “I can do this all night.” It’s great!’ Now I’m like, ‘Momma’s tired!’

Adina Porter, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Leslie Grossman, Cody Fern, Lily Rabe, and Emma Roberts are among the other AHS members who fly often.

Date of the Release of Season 11 of American Horror Story

According to  whattowatch.com/Landgraf said that season 11 of American Horror Story would be on FX this fall, but he didn’t say when it would start.

In fact, we haven’t heard as much as usual about season 11. Since the TCA summer press tour is happening at the same time as the current season of Stories, FX is probably going to wait until Stories is over before talking about AHS season 11.

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As soon as we know more, we’ll give you all the details, like when people in the UK will be able to watch along with people in the US.

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