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VR training helped separate conjoined twins


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Image: Surgical Theater


Gemini Untwined explains what VR software used to prepare became.

Update from August 5 9071:

The Gemini Untwined charity informed me that the planning tool Surgical Theater was not used this time to prepare for the procedure. Instead, it is software developed by University College London (UCL) specifically for the operation.

Original article from August 4th 2022:

Two conjoined twins were successfully separated in Rio de Janeiro. The operation was also made possible thanks to months of training in VR.

Meticulous VR training across national borders can achieve amazing things. Before the surgeons Dr. Noor ul Owase Jeelani and Dr. Gabriel Mufarrej dared to perform their most difficult operation to date, the separation of Siamese twins, they practiced the procedure in virtual reality for months. With the help of this training, three-year-old conjoined twins Bernardo and Arthur Lima were successfully separated, according to news agency PA Media.

Operation after months of VR training

In a hospital in Rio de Janeiro required the risky procedure almost 105 Employees over 20 Hours, according to the report. Meanwhile, senior surgeon Jeelani from London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital was only able to take four quarter-hour breaks to get enough water and food.

Part of the team had been using VR for many months -Practiced projections of the twins based on computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Many may know the large tubes from the hospital, in which the connected heads of the twins were scanned for a kind of spatial map.


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