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Van Der Valk Season 2 Release Date: Is Lucy Hassell is Portrayed by Maimie Mccoy.

The second season of Van Der Valk has finally come out in the UK and the US. Fans were eager to see more of the rogue Dutch detective.

When ITV and PBS brought back the hit 1970s series starring Barry Foster in 2020, Marc Warren was praised for his role as Piet Van Der Valk. The beautiful scenery of the Dutch capital was also a big hit with viewers.

As season two starts, Van der Valk and his team keep looking into and solving interesting murder mysteries against the busy and beautiful backdrop of Amsterdam.

The show is coming back for three parts, and a third season has also been confirmed.

The Release Date for Season 2 of Van Der Valk

According to goodto.com/ Season 2 of Van Der Valk has already been broadcast in the UK, but you can still watch it on the ITV Hub.
The US premiere of the series will be on PBS on September 25 at 9 p.m. ET.

Van Der Valk Season 2 Plot

You can anticipate: Geraldine Buyer, the family matriarch and founder of Cuyper Diamonds, will be remembered in episode 2 of Blood in Amsterdam, which will air on Sunday, August 14.

In her honor, her three children and primary beneficiaries will send off another set of precious stones. Geraldine recently died after a botched heart transplant.

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Her children are sending off the 0708 territories, which is centered on a star jewel that contains the ashes of Geraldine’s heart.

van der valk season 2 release date
van der valk season 2 release date

While the company gets used to Geraldine’s death, with a budget of €13 billion in assets when she died, the organization’s rebuilding has everything to gain.

But when the body of Ahmed Baykam, a former jewel polisher, is cut into three pieces and left on the doorsteps of his managers’ homes, the Cuyper family, Van Der Valk, and his group should find out if someone is angry with the Great Gem Administration.

But when the group finds out that Ahmed, one of the people who died, had just been given a new job, doubt starts to grow inside the precious stone factory.

Van Der Valk Cast: Who is Coming Back for Season 2 of Van Der Valk?

Marc Warren as Van Der Valk, Darrell D’Silva as Hendrik Davie and Luke Allen-Gale as Brad De Vries. Marc Warren as Van Der Valk, Darrell D’Silva as Hendrik Davie and Luke Allen-Gale as Brad De Vries. ITV All of the main characters from season 1 of Van der Valk will be back for season 2.

Here is a full list of the important people in season 2 of Van Der Valk:

  • Marc Warren as Piet van der Valk
  • Maimie McCoy as Lucienne Hassell
  • Luke Allen-Gale as Brad de Vries
  • Elliot Barnes-Worrell plays Job Clovers.
  • Darrell D’Silva as Hendrik Davie
  • Emma Fielding as Julia Dahlman

The Second Season of Van Der Valk Has How Many Episodes?

The second season of Van der Valk will start on ITV on August 7 at 8 pm. The new show will have a total of three episodes, and each one will be a two-hour story that can be watched on its own.

Every Sunday for the next three weeks, a new episode will come out at the same time.

Van Der Valk Season 2 Episode Guide

In the first episode, Van der Valk and his team are asked to look into the murder of a lawyer whose body is found on a wind farm on the edge of the city.

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When a cryptic note is found in her coat pocket, the team is soon on the trail of a killer whose actions are linked to the flag of Amsterdam and Baruch Spinoza, the city’s most famous philosopher.

Season two of Van Der Valk

Van Der Valk and Inspector Lucienne Hassell, played by Maimie McCoy, who was his right-hand woman (Image credit: ITV Pictures )

Episode Two

The Cuyper family, who started a diamond company and are worth a lot of money, are under suspicion after one of their employees is found dead and his body is cut up and left on the doorstep of one of their mansions.

Leo Staar plays Florian Barby, the Cuyper family’s psychotherapist who knows all of their darkest secrets, on the TV show Call the Midwife.

Episode 3

When a classical musician is attacked with acid and later dies, it shows that there was corruption, coercion, and an international sex trafficking ring.

Inspector Lucienne Hassell (Maimie McCoy) has a personal connection to the case because the victim was dating Lucienne’s ex-girlfriend, Femke de Haan. As the team investigates her murder, they find out that the victim was dating Lucienne’s ex-girlfriend (Eva Marie de Waal).

Trailer for Season 2 of Van Der Valk

A trailer for season 2 of Van der Valk that was made for the rest of the world can be seen here. The second season of Van der Valk will start on ITV on Sunday, August 7 at 8 p.m.

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