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Uncovering the Culture of Silence in the Military: Is Speak No Evil on Netflix?

“Speak No Evil” is a poignant and impactful documentary available on Netflix, which delves into the unnerving issue of sexual abuse and harassment in the US military and the prevailing culture of silence around it.

The documentary presents an exhaustive and deeply moving account of the ordeals encountered by victims of sexual assault and harassment within the military, and the obstacles they encounter while seeking justice and holding the perpetrators accountable.

Take a Look at This Handy “Speak No Evil” Fact Sheet

Title Speak No Evil
Directed by Gæsterne
Written by Christian Tafdrup

Mads Tafdrup 

Edited by Nicolaj Monberg
Release date 22 January 2022 (Sundance)

17 March 2022 (Denmark)

21 July 2022 (Netherlands)

Music by Sune “Køter” Kølster
Language English



Country Denmark


Is Speak No Evil on Netflix?

A Danish family visits a vacationing Dutch family. The Danes attempt to maintain their composure in the face of unpleasantness, but what was supposed to be a perfect weekend slowly begins to fall apart.

We regret to inform you that Netflix does not currently have it. but we Take a peek at some of the things on our list and get ready for a night of terror you won’t soon forget. Windfall, Get Out, Synchronic, and Skinamarink.

Trailer For “Speak No Evil”

Where to Watch “Speak No Evil”?

“Speak No Evil” is a 2013 horror movie that is available to rent or buy on various online platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and iTunes.

It may also be available on other streaming services, but it depends on your location and the availability of the movie on those platforms.

Review For “Speak No Evil”

The animosity between the two Danish actors, Patrick (Fedja van Huêt) and director Bjrn (Morten Burian), is sparked when they drive to a barren area and yell loudly. The Danish actor-turned-director Christian Tafdrup’s film “Say No Evil” conjures both the malevolence of Michael Haneke’s “Funny Games” and the malevolent anxiousness of Swedish director Ruben stlund’s “Force Majeure.”

When on vacation with their separate families in Tuscany months earlier, the two men first met, and Patrick, a rugged Dutch charmer, makes a strong impression when he unironically commends Bjrn for his bravery. After receiving an ego boost from a man he respects right away, he strikes up a conversation with Agnes (Liva Forsberg), who sparks platonic desire.

Patrick is an unfulfilled victim of social norms who always follows the rules, and his sly quips and gaslighting techniques demonstrate the Tafdarups’ writing’s outstanding dexterity. The more time they spend together after an eager Bj, the more pervasive the toxic insidiousness becomes.

The home’s interactions are captured on camera by Karina Smulders and Erik Molberg Hansen using understated natural lighting. The Danish family re-establishes contact with Patrick, his vibrant wife, and their small, non-verbal son Abel.

With Patrick pretending to disregard Louise’s vegetarian diet and Karin insisting that Agnes sleep in the same room with Abel, the show puts a test on the Danes’ tolerance for contempt.

Uncovering the Culture of Silence in the Military Is Speak No Evil on Netflix

The treatment is accepted by the Danes as a result of the cultural gap, yet they nevertheless feel helpless and uneasy when they try to stay.

The viewer is left wondering how much one would tolerate before retaliating as Patrick and Karin fight it out in their heads on how uncomfortable they are with conflict. The command to “be gentle and kind to all people” is also found in the Bible verse from which the movie derives its title.

In a terrible performance that ends in paralyzing astonishment, Burian as Bjrn successfully navigates the most extreme emotional shift from admiration to betrayal. Tafdrup was able to find and work with devoted performers who were willing to portray all aspects of what their characters went through or did, including the most heinous of crimes.

Van Huêt, for instance, employs a finely tuned interpretation of the macho image when playing Patrick so that it is simple to switch off the hostile attitude and reveal softness. When the evil is revealed, the story’s careful construction pays off, creating the ideal resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Speak No Evil Entertaining to Watch?

This bit of terror builds gradually but never stops being terrifying. Say No Evil is a troubling examination of interpersonal dynamics and polite behavior. If you can handle it, it’s one of the most thrilling movie experiences of the year. It’s horrifying and brutal.

Is Speak No Evil Very Scary?

As was mentioned, this movie is more of a thriller or maybe a drama than a horror movie. Whatever the case, Speak No Evil is incredibly unsettling once the conclusion is revealed. Speak No Evil’s terminology is also a cause for concern.

Does Speak No Evil Have a Real-life Basis?

As a result, Speak No Evil is heavily inspired by real-life events, but it also incorporates a lot of horror and genre.

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