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Travis and Jason Kelce Temporarily Pause ‘New Heights’ Podcast!

Travis and Jason Kelce have announced a hiatus from their beloved podcast, ‘New Heights,’ during its season 2 finale. The decision stems from Travis’ upcoming commitment to the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp, as they prepare to defend their back-to-back Super Bowl championships.

Jason humorously shared the news, emphasizing Travis’ need to focus on football, leaving little time for podcasting. Fans can expect a temporary pause of approximately two months before the Kelce brothers return to entertain and inform with their signature blend of humor and sports analysis.

For a deeper dive into their hiatus and what lies ahead for ‘New Heights,’ stay tuned for our detailed article uncovering more about their plans and future episodes.

Travis and Jason Kelce Announce Hiatus From ‘New Heights’ Podcast

During the season 2 finale of their podcast, the Kelce brothers announced a temporary hiatus due to Travis’ impending training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning Super Bowl champions. Jason humorously explained that their break from podcasting would align with Travis’ intense focus on football and preparation for the upcoming season.

“We got a nice couple months off from podcasting because, in three weeks’ time, Travis will be in the middle of training camp,” Jason shared, highlighting the demands of professional football and the need for Travis to concentrate fully on his athletic commitments.

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Despite the hiatus, both brothers reassured their listeners that they would resume podcasting after training camp, tentatively aiming for the end of August to pick up where they left off.

Fans can expect the Kelce brothers to return with their trademark banter, engaging discussions, and unique brand of entertainment once Travis completes his preseason preparations.

Podcast Teasers and Travis Kelce’s Football Prep for 2024 Season

As the Kansas City Chiefs gear up for training camp starting on July 21, Travis Kelce prepares for a rigorous preseason schedule leading into the 2024 NFL season. Their preseason kicks off with games against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Aug. 10, followed by matchups against the Detroit Lions on Aug.

17 and the Chicago Bears on Aug. 22. The Chiefs then open their regular season against the Baltimore Ravens on Sept. 5 at Arrowhead Stadium. Amidst Travis’ football commitments, Jason Kelce teased fans about upcoming updates on their podcast’s social media channels, hinting at potential never-before-seen footage.

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Travis, in jest, expressed both excitement and nerves about this prospect. Meanwhile, the podcast duo shared a lighthearted moment discussing Travis’ encounter with Julia Roberts during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Dublin, Ireland, which recently went viral.

Jason enthusiastically reacted to Travis meeting the Oscar-winning actress, highlighting the fun and memorable experiences the brothers continue to share both on and off the podcast.

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