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Ticket to Paradise Release Date: Where Can I Stream Tickets to Paradise 2022?

Not only are we pleased to see the duo together in one of the most anticipated movies of 2022, but we’re also overjoyed to see them back in the rom-com genre.

We’re thrilled to see Notting Hill actress Roberts back in a romantic comedy because it’s hard to imagine she hasn’t appeared in one in over 20 years.

Since 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven and its 2004 sequel, Ocean’s Twelve, as well as 2016’s Money Monster, the pair has collaborated on other films.

They’re portraying a divorced couple this time, and while they go to great measures to prevent their daughter from committing the same mistakes they did, things don’t quite turn out as they had hoped.

The comically tense relationship between Roberts and Clooney is a big part of the movie’s charm (as the teaser shows), and they struggle to get along while being so near to one another.

Release Date of the Movie “Ticket to Paradise”

Ticket to Paradise, starring George Clooney YouTube/Universal Pictures The US release date for Ticket to Paradise is slated on October 2 as per whattowatch.com/. The movie will be released in the UK on September 16 so viewers there won’t have to wait as long.

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The movie was shot in Queensland, Australia, in late 2021, and while it was originally scheduled to be released in September, Covid-19 caused production delays that caused the release date to be moved back to early 2022.


In the movie Ticket to Paradise, two divorced parents named David and Georgia (played by George Clooney and Julia Roberts) band together to travel to Bali in order to prevent their daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) from making the same error they did 25 years earlier.

ticket to paradise release date
ticket to the paradise release date


In the film, which was co-written by Daniel Pipski and Ol Parker (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, author of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel series), Billie Lourd and Lucas Bravo also star as Wren Butler and Paul, respectively.

Where Can I Watch Ticket to Paradise 2022 Streaming?

Ticket to Paradise can be viewed online in the US in a number of different ways. A streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video can be used. On Google Play or iTunes, you can also buy or rent the movie.

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If you have cable, you can also view it on-demand or through a streaming app on your TV or another streaming device.

Who Are the Ticket to Paradise Cast Members?

The leading actors in Ticket to Paradise are George Clooney and Julia Roberts. They are joined by Kaitlyn Dever, Lucas Bravo, Billie Lourd (from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”), Amanda O’Dempsey, Murran Kain, Vanessa Everett, and Rowan Chapman. Character names are not yet particular, but we’ll make sure to change them as soon as they are.

After spending so much time away from the genre, Roberts recently discussed her comeback to romantic comedies in an interview with The New York Times(opens in new tab).

She immediately recognized George Clooney as the only way Ticket to Paradise would succeed after reading the script. “George, it turns out, thought it only worked with me. We managed to do it together somehow, and we left.”

Does Ticket to Paradise Have a Trailer?

Unsurprisingly, the Ticket to Paradise teaser introduces the entire film. Angry divorced couple finds that getting back together isn’t as difficult as they anticipated while trying to “rescue” their daughter. Sort of. There is still a lot of fighting and chaos, which makes the film even more lovable.


The film, Ticket to Paradise, is due out in 2022. It stars the pair as a divorced couple trying to prevent their daughter from making the same mistakes they did when she was younger. Ticket to Paradise is a romantic comedy starring George Clooney and Roberts. The film was co-written by Daniel Pipski and Ol Parker.

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