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The Violent World of Mortal Kombat: Is Mortal Kombat on Netflix?

If you’re a fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise, you might be curious about whether or not the most recent episode of the series can be streamed on Netflix. From its beginnings in the early 1990s, Mortal Kombat has been a fan favorite, and with the recent release of the film adaptation, fans are keen to know if they can watch the movie on Netflix.

The film adaptation of Mortal Kombat was released in 2021. In this piece, we’ll discuss whether or not Mortal Kombat is currently available on Netflix and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Take a Look at This Handy “Mortal Kombat”

Title Mortal Kombat
Directed by Simon McQuoid
Screenplay by Greg Russo

Dave Callahan

Edited by Dan Lebental

Scott Gray

Release date April 8, 2021 (international)

April 23, 2021 (United States)

Music by Benjamin Wallfisch
Language English



Country Australia

United States

Is Mortal Kombat on Netflix?

To save humanity, Earthrealm soldiers must prevail in the final tournament as they stand on the verge of being conquered by the Outworld. They are motivated by an old prophecy.

The good news is that it is currently available on Netlfix. You are correct, of course. So what are you waiting for, go out and get some popcorn and munchies, then relax in your favorite chair while watching the movie.

We created a list of some of the most exciting action films available because we understand how it feels to end a terrific movie and immediately desire more. We have something for everyone, including modern hits like “Little Women” and beloved classics like “ Vengeance.”

Does Simon Mcquoid Forbid Any Discussion of Sequels on Set?

The actors also want a sequel, not just the fans. Although it’s unknown how much they discussed it on set, McQuoid must have felt that it was enough to forbid the cast from bringing it up. The director allegedly forbade any talk of prospective sequels while filming, according to CBR.

The Violent World of Mortal Kombat Is Mortal Kombat on Netflix

Eight months have passed since the film’s debut, thus a sequel announcement must be close at hand. Given that Mortal Kombat was the most-watched movie on HBO Max in 2021, the news that Warner Bros. is considering sequel ideas has fans even more excited.

There Was Almost an NC-17 Rating for This Film

While the original Mortal Kombat movie from 1995 was classified as PG, the sequel doesn’t hold back on the foul language or the gory fatalities, which is largely why the film is so enjoyable. The 2021 reboot pushes the limits of the R-grade to the point where it nearly received an NC-17 rating.

About some aspects of the video game that he wished to adopt, McQuoid quips amusingly that he “went to NC-17 area fairly rapidly,” adding that it would have been impossible to maintain the R-rating. Although a few of the fatalities in the film are quite close.

Review for “Mortal Kombat”

A vicious fighting game that completely altered the fighting game industry is Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. A revival of the series of films based on these horrifyingly violent video games debuts in theatres and is available for 30 days on HBO Max.

With some combination combat moves, character-based catchphrases, and even well-known deaths, it is just as R-rated as the games themselves. Showdowns are also present, such as confrontations with now-iconic video game characters. The movie’s action portions bring it to life in ways that video game movies frequently fail to do, but its training/destiny focus drags on for much too long.

The Violent World of Mortal Kombat Is Mortal Kombat on Netflix?

With “Moral Kombat,” which has been in production for twenty-five years, Simon McQuoid makes his directorial debut. He uses a Greg Russo and Dave Callaham script that is familiar with the source material. Fans’ favorites Raiden and Liu Kang, as well as Goro’s questionable CGI version, are all Mcquoid creations.

In a battle scene in Mortal Kombat, Lin Kuei assassins assault Hanzo Hasashi and his family in 17th-century Japan. Hanzo uses his frozen power to kill his wife and son. The movie then fast-forwards to show that Outworld has won nine out of ten Mortal Kombat tournaments.

Shang Tsung (Chin Han) then decides to fix the final tournament by killing the Earthrealm champions beforehand. As Jax (Mehcad Brooks) learns that Cole Young (Lewis Tan) is one of the aforementioned champions, he tries to warn him of his fate before the archetypal video game antagonist freezes and rips off his arms.

To the detriment of the film, the combat scenes and their deaths translate what gaming players have enjoyed for so long. In the Blockbuster film Mortal Kombat, the characters of Cole, Kano, Judas, and the Black Messiah are followed.

Each character must discover their “arcana,” or particular abilities, in this plodding film. Because the producers are unwilling to insert lengthy training or preparation scenes into their narrative, the almost two-hour film loses all of its momenta as a result of the scene.

The film makes a slight comeback with a few exciting battle scenes, including a fierce one between the two most illustrious characters, but fans will probably already know how they feel about this film.

Just enough compelling choreography and fan-targeted pleas are present to keep the audience amused. After all these years of fighting, the cinematic fatality that fans deserve is not as impressive.

Trailer For “Moral Kombat”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mortal Kombat Movie a Success or a Failure?

With a $55 million budget and $84.4 million at the international box office, the movie was HBO Max’s most lucrative release to date. There will be a sequel, with Jeremy Slater penning the script and McQuoid serving as director once more.

Is Mortal Kombat a Worthwhile Film?

The movie is ultimately just a lot of fun. The effects, combat, and gore are all of good quality. Although Mortal Kombat has a fairly rich story, it is depicted well enough to carry you through even when it does take a backseat.

What Made Mortal Kombat So Well-liked?

Mortal Kombat, created by Midway, was released on October 8, 1992. The gory fighting game, which sought to rival Capcom’s blockbuster Street Fighter II, quickly gained popularity owing to its excessive gore, prompting Senate hearings to ban kids from playing games that were judged unsuitable.

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