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Sword Gai Season 3: When It Will Be Renewed?

To be sure, not every piece of anime being made is brilliant; some of them really impress us, while others fall flat. It’s easy to see why this is the case, given that hardly everything functions perfectly even in anime.

It’s true that people’s opinions on whether or not they enjoy a given anime are subjective, but if a program fails to meet the expectations of a significant portion of its audience, it’s probably not very good and the creators should stop working on it. And the same holds true for “Sword Gai,” which has thus far released two full seasons.

Here, we’ve laid down all you need to know about Sword Gai season 3, including whether or not the network has finally recognized they should terminate the series. Keep reading to learn more.

From creators, Takahiro Ikezoe and Tomohito Naka come the Sword Gai anime series for Japanese television. This animation is based on the manga series written by Toshiki Inoue and illustrated by Keita Amemiya (characters) and Wosamu Kine (environment) (scenario).

The series began publication in the seinen manga magazine Hero’s published by Hero’s Inc. in 2012 and has since been collected into six tankbon volumes. A sequel series titled Sword Gai Evolve began airing in 2016, and it will conclude in 2019.

The Plot of Sword Gai Season 3

Amon, an expert metal forger, found infant Gai holding a katana called “Shiry,” which was so reviled that Gai’s mother committed suicide rather than have to face the katana’s bloodlust. Gai, a student of Amon’s currently, is our narrator.

The katana is one of several loathed weapons that turn their victims into bondage in order to stifle their destructive impulses. This transformation from Chrysalis to Busoma is a slow but steady process. After amputating Gai’s right arm, Amon used his sword to subdue Shiryo and fashion a prosthetic limb for Gai.

Gai, facing the Busoma, changes into a chrysalis, allowing him to merge with his weapon while still maintaining his humanity.

Sword Gai Season 3 Cast

Atsuko Nakajima created the series’ cast of characters, which includes Yto Uemura as Demonic Sword Shiryu wielder Gai Ogata, Yuichiro Umehara as Chakram wielder Seiya Ichij, Yuka Aisaka as Amon Ogata’s daughter Sayaka Ogata, and Yto Uemura as Amon Ogata.

Sword Gai Season 3

Toshihiko Seki voices Takuma Miura, Rina Satou voices Kyka Kagami, Urara Takano voices Yasuko Tanaka, Kohei Murakami voices Issei Ariga, Michiko Neya voices Arny’s, Nobunaga Shimazaki voices Shin Matoba, Maaya Uchida voices Himiko, and Grimm voices Grimm.

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Sword Gai Season 3 Release Date

as per liveakhbar Sword Gai: The Animation Part I debuted on Netflix on March 23, 2018. Part II was delivered on July 30. DLE and Fields planned to premiere an anime adaptation of Sword Gai in April 2016, however, it was repeatedly delayed. Netflix began streaming the series globally on March 23, 2018, after acquiring the rights. Both seasons have 12 22-minute episodes.

Netflix’s animation failed. The reviews are bad. 5.8 out of 100 on IMDb. Reviews believe this is one of the most confusing, ridiculous, and pointless anime ever. It’s horrible and mainly plagiarised from other animes. The show mixes horror, action, fantasy, and supernatural.

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Sword Gai Season 2 Ending Explained

Miura’s light flashes. Sword kills despite severed arm. The couple is pleased. Two old men lament the loss of the light sword, which would have banished darkness like the gods.

Live Godzilla! She adores Gai and detects the light sword’s aura. Self-stabbed, she swallows the blade. She realizes she was never hollow (because she considers her clansmen like family and romantic love won’t kill her), and her hope in humanity and busamon like Gai quells the evil in her armament. Gai’s helper saves Himeko.

Sword Gai Season 3

After Gai stabbed Mitoba, it skipped (Netflix you coward). Himeko appears against prophecy. As the sky darkens, Himeko begins a cleansing ritual. Blonde attacker. Midair, Gai kills Sayaka. With their support, Himeko overcomes Gai and Mitoba. Her strength weakens her. In the ethereal dimension, she sees Gai. Thanking her, he asks her to defend Sayaka. She tells him to watch from inside as he goes.

Epilogue. Gai’s mother’s tomb is seen. Sayaka prays for her brothers at her mother’s grave. Gai receives 2 flowers. Sayaka regrets not telling Mitoba about Gai. Himeko says they’d have forgiven her. Sayaka questions Himeko about busoma Gai. Sayaka thinks Gai has realized Mitoba’s philosophy of making peace with love to live freely.

Probes Shisobai. Hammer woman, hairdresser, and backups stay. Two minds consider Mitoba’s father’s actions and mend Shisobai.

Art club member Sayaka draws Mitoba and Gai. Sayaka’s friends offer karaoke because they’re still painting. 3 punks tease Sayaka about Mitoba as she leaves school. Sayaka tells them not to worry, but they laugh and say Mitoba should have donated. Himeko questions Sayaka’s beatings. Himeko’s right-hand guy beats an attacker.

When bullies leave, Sayaka asks Himeko to karaoke. Sayak’s friends leave after Himeko. Sayaka’s father laments that Gai escaped his fate and was tied to Shiryu. Gai’s son is great. Sayaka’s windowsill has Gai’s sword for Himeko.

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Sword Gai Season 3 Trailer

While we wait for season 3, watch season 1’s trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sword Gai return for a third season?

Sword Gai season 3 has been canceled and will not air. The cancellation is a result of the expectedly low ratings and audience reaction. So, it’s highly unlikely that a major OTT service would put money on something that would ultimately fail.

Did you finish Sword Gai?

There is no final chapter in Sword Gai. It just quits working. Episode 12 ends with the most half-hearted middle finger to the audience in recent memory, and I have no idea if there is a planned second half that Netflix hasn’t mentioned or if they forgot to include episode 13 or what. No final statement is made.

How about the second season of Sword Gai?

There are so many new anime shows in the works that some of them will inevitably be canceled before they even air. Even still, Sword Gai has a strong chance of being adopted, if for no other reason because there is still a lot of stories to adapt.

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