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Stephen Hung Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

Stephen Hung is a Hong Kong-born businessman and property developer. He is currently the joint chairman of The 13 Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong-based investment holding company.

He is also the President of the Louis XIII Holdings company.

Stephen was born in Hong Kong, China, on August 24, 1959. He was born into a wealthy family, and his father was a successful real estate investor.

Stephen attended Columbia University before transferring to the University of Southern California to pursue a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Hung allegedly relocated to New York in 1977.

Stephen Hung’s Net Worth

Stephen Hung is a $400 million dollar entrepreneur. Stephen Hung attended Columbia University and the University of Southern California.

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In the banking industry, he worked for Merrill Lynch Asia. Hung made his money in investment banking and real estate.

He is married to model Deborah Valdez, and the couple has two children. Hung is the President of Louis XIII Holdings.

Stephen Hung Net Worth

He is opening a new casino in Macau called Louis XIII, which is said to have the world’s most extravagant hotel suite, with rooms costing nearly $130,000 a night and jewelry items in private boutiques costing at least $1 million.

A bet on the gaming tables will cost a minimum of $650. Hung was born to wealthy property investors. As an intern, he drove a Rolls-Royce to work. He recently spent $20 million on 30 Rolls-Royces for Louis XIII.

Stephen Hungโ€™s Wife & Personal Life

Stephen Hung is married to model Deborah Valdez. Deborah and David met in Hong Kong while Deborah was on vacation after finishing her law studies in Mexico.

Stephen and Deborah were married in the Diamond Ballroom of the Hong Kong Ritz-Carlton in 2012. Following their wedding, the couple attended numerous high-society events in Hong Kong. The couple has two sons, Ivan and Sean.

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Stephen Hung Net Worth

Some Facts About Stephen Hung

  • Stephen is a wealthy businessman who is the joint chairman of โ€˜The 13 Holdings Limitedโ€™.
  • He went to Columbia University and the University of Southern California.
  • After graduating, he worked at Merrill Lynch.
  • His parents were also successful businesspeople.
  • He has met highly prominent celebs including Steve Harvey and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Who is Stephen Hungโ€™s Wife?

Stephen, a Chinese millionaire, is married to Deborah Valdez Huang, a stunning Mexican woman.

Deborah is a fashionista who frequently appears as a VIP guest at exclusive fashion shows, but before marrying Deborah, Hung was married to another woman, the name of whom he did not reveal, and he has two sons from his first marriage, Ivan Hung and Sean Hung.

Stephen and Deborah are 30 years apart in age, but their story demonstrates that in love, age is just a number. The wealthy businessman makes certain that all of his queen’s desires are met.

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The pair has a large group of friends, including football star David Beckham and Monaco’s Prince Albert.

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