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Sony camera photographs “parallel universes” via AI app

Sony-Kamera fotografiert per KI-App „parallele Universen“

Image: Nicholas Sherlock

A camera connected to DALL-E 2 App generates additional AI images to a real motif almost in real time.

DALL-E 2 is mainly known for its ability to generate images to match text input. But the system can also generate variants of real motifs, for example show an object from different perspectives or change the content of an image. That also believes for photorealistic motifs.

Photograph parallel universes

The photographer Nicholas Sherlock has made use of this ability DALL-Es and developed an extraordinary camera app: it sends a picture taken with the camera via mobile internet directly to DALL-E 2. The AI ​​system then generates different versions of this image and plays it back on the camera.

The photographer refers to this new photographic process as “a look into parallel universes” . DALL-E 2 “dream new versions of his pictures” and “show a world that could have been”.

With simple motifs, the AI-based image variation sometimes works surprisingly well. Trees or plants, for example, are shown realistically from different perspectives and in different lighting situations. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the original and the AI ​​image.

Picture: Nicholas Sherlock / DALL-E 2

In the case of complex scenes such as landscape shots, however, the AI ​​images become less precise and show geometric errors and inappropriate blurring in the image structure. Transitions between picture elements become less clean.

Image: Nicholas Sherlock / DALL-E 2

What’s entertaining is that DALL-E 2 is known to have difficulties with text and therefore replaces captions in images with fantasy language. The AI ​​also replaces company logos or mascots with alternative versions.

Image: Nicholas Sherlock / DALL-E 2

Anyone who is looking for a logo in the future could simply find suitable motifs on the Take a picture of the street and let an image AI make you similar suggestions.

App violates OpenAI Guidelines

The DALL-E-2 app is for Android-based Sony cameras (e.g A7, A7R, A7 II, A7R II, but not the A7 III series or newer – list of possible compatible cameras) available for free on Github. But beware: According to Sherlock, his app violates OpenAI guidelines because it is rated as web scraping software. Violating the policy will result in an account suspension by OpenAI.

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Sherlock’s Quantum Mirror app is available at Github. The photographer shows numerous other sample images on his project page. Sherlock plans to update his app once OpenAI has released an API compatible with the new Terms of Service.

Sony-Kamera fotografiert per KI-App „parallele Universen“

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