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Lil Durk Net Worth 2022: Who is the Richest Between Lil Durk and Lil Baby?

American rapper and singer Durk Derrick Banks, who goes by the stage name Lil Durk, is also known as Lil Durk. He is the leader of Only the Family and started the group and record label (OTF).

Durk got a record deal with Def Jam Recordings after his Signed to the Streets mixtape series gained a cult following in 2013 and 2014.

Before Durk left Def Jam in 2018, the label put out his first two studio albums, Remember My Name (2015) and Lil Durk 2X (2016).

Lil Durk’s Net Worth

According to caknowledge.com/an estimated $5 million net worth of American rapper and singer Lil Durk. American rapper Lil Durk is well-known and successful.

As the founder of the wildly popular band Only the Family and record label, Lil Durk is pretty well known. As the label’s creator, he has achieved enormous success. Lil Durk began his professional career back in 2011, but it took some time for it to completely take off.

Lil Durk Early Years

In Chicago, Durk Derrick Banks was born on October 19, 1992. Banks is a Chicago-based nurse and the son of Dontay Banks.

His mother’s name is unknown. When he was just 7 years old, his father was sent to prison, thus he had to assume responsibility at a very young age.

lil durk net worth

In a magazine interview, Lil Durk recalled how his family never had enough food when he was a child. Lil Durk’s upbringing in a violent area had a significant impact on him.

Lil Durk Private Life

Lil Durk is a devout Muslim. Father of Lil’ Durks, Dontay Banks Sr., served two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

The information was never made public. Six children, each born to a different mother, are fathered by Durk. Angelo, Bella, Zayden, Du’mier, Skylar, and Willow are his children’s names. Lil Durk proposed to Instagram model India Royale in 2021.

Lil Durk Awards and Career

Lil Durk began his professional career in 2011. He released Sneak Dissin and I’ma Hitta as two singles in 2011. All of the listeners responded well to both tunes.

Later, in late 2012, he released the mixtape Life Ain’t No Joke, which became incredibly popular and, by 2015, had been downloaded a lot.

He established the collective and record label Only the Family in 2013. The label’s lead vocalist is Lil Durk. He released a number of mixtapes in 2014 under the title Signed to the Streets, which helped him achieve enormous fame and notoriety.

lil durk net worth

He obtained a record deal with Def Jam Recording later that year, and his debut album, Remember my Name, was published (2015). You might appreciate Jade Thirlwall’s net worth as well.

2018 saw his departure from Def Jam Recording, and he subsequently inked a record deal with Alamo Records. Viral Moment, 3 Headed Goat, Backdoor, The Voice, and many other of Lil Durk’s songs are among his most popular tracks. Despite receiving numerous nominations, Lil Durk has never received any honors or awards.

Assets of Lil Durk


Lil Durk is an American who has spent the majority of his life there and has worked in the country’s music business. Durk is a resident of both Chicago and Florida. He has a residence at each location.

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Cars in a collection

Lil Durk has always demonstrated his love of driving and has a passion for it. In addition to many other vehicles, Durk owns a stunning Range Rover, a Ford Mustang, and a Chevrolet Camaro GT.

Who is the Richest Between Lil Durk and Lil Baby?

Image for Lil Durk’s estimated net worth in 2022
The projected personal fortune of Lil Baby is $5 million, compared to Lil Durk’s personal wealth of $3 million.

Lil Durk Legal Drama

Following his 2011 weapon charge, Lil Durk kept getting into legal trouble. He was ordered back to prison to serve an additional 87 days after being out on bond.

On June 5, 2013, Banks was detained once more in Chicago after allegedly tossing a loaded weapon into his car as police approached him.

The bond for Lil Durk was set at $100,000. One witness admitted that the gun belonged to Durk, and his attorney claimed to have nine witness affidavits proving his innocence. July 2013 saw the release of Durk.

lil durk net worth

A firefight that occurred in September 2015, only hours before a concert at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sadly resulted in the death of one guy and resulted in damage to Lil Durk’s tour bus from bullets.

According to reports, Durk was not implicated and was neither detained nor interrogated by authorities. Dirk was detained in August 2016 on felony firearms allegations; the judge later dismissed the accusations, and Durk was found not guilty.

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Durk and his friend King Von were detained in June 2019 on suspicion of attempted murder. Prosecutors claim that the two guys shot and robbed a man in front of a packed Atlanta drive-in theatre.

They allegedly robbed the man of $30,000 and a Jeep Cherokee. Durk and Von were released from jail after a few weeks on $250,000 and $300,000 bail, respectively.


Lil Durk is a very successful and diligent individual who has put in a lot of effort to accomplish this goal. He was compelled to start working at a very young age and spent his formative years in poverty.

But he persisted in his love of singing and never gave up. Lil Durk first gained notoriety in 2011 and has subsequently established himself as a world icon.

Huge admiration and love have been shown for his songs and albums. Additionally, he has millions of fans.

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