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Review and Recap of Love in Contract Episode 7: Ji-ho Tells Sang-eun Everything

Love In Contract, or MonTuesWedThursFriSat, is a South Korean Romantic Comedy Drama written and directed by Ha Gu-dam and Nam Sung-woo. The series stars Park Min-young, Go Kyung-pyo, Kim Jae-young, and Kang Hyung-suk in leading roles.

The series consists of 16 episodes, and Love In Contract Episode 7 is 66 minutes long.
The seventh episode of love In Contract begins with a flashback to Ji-childhood. ho’s Ji-father ho’s perished in a storm at sea, and he was forced to live with his aunt’s family.

His aunt, who already had three children, had to assume responsibility for Ji-ho. She instructed him not to speak his thoughts and not to expect others to care for him because they are not his family. So Ji-ho grew up to be a guy incapable of expression.

Sang eun was required to work for Hae-jin immediately after waking up with a hangover at Ji-residence. ho’s She recalls kissing Ji-ho and becomes mortified. She falls asleep, and Hae-jin brings her home. Ji-ho lacks confidence in Hae-jin and requests that he bring Sang-eun to his home. Hae-jin does not trust Ji-ho, and the two end up sitting together until Sang-eun awakens.

love in contract ep 7
love in contract ep 7

Madame Yoo instructs Gwang-nam to get her expensive fruits, and he makes it plain that they are responsible for their own spending. She offers him her costly tweed jacket to handle her finances. Sang-eun is unable to forget the kiss she shared with Ji-ho and feels awkward around him over dinner. He declines when asked if he remembers anything.

Sang-eun has regular business meetings with Hae-jin, and Ji-ho appears dissatisfied. Hae-jin takes Sang-eun horseback riding and on a yacht, whereas Ji-ho only has supper with her. Ji-ho has gotten at ease with Sang-eun and is now willing to discuss his workplace issues. Sang-eun provides him with counsel and helps him choose an attire each day.

Madame Yoo meets Sang-adoptive eun’s father and requests that he re-adopt Sang-eun. She says that both of them are to blame for making her life a living nightmare. Sang-eun is blissfully oblivious as she purchases a necktie for Ji-ho. However, she is disappointed to discover that Ji-ho already owns an identical necktie.


On her way back, Sang-eun encounters Hae-jin and gives him the necktie. Hae-jin believes that Sang-eun bought him a present. He displays the necktie to his followers and explains that his fiancee gave it to him. He even wears it to the prize ceremony, believing that Sang-wishes eun’s are the reason he won. His popularity has only soared after announcing his engagement.

Love In Contract Episode 7 Ending

Ji-ho becomes envious when he watches Hae-jin on screen wearing the tie Sang-eun gave him and overhears his coworkers discussing Hae-girlfriend. Jin He requests an urgent meeting with Sang-eun, explaining that his coworkers are skeptical of their connection.

They spend the evening together and then return to Ji-residence. ho’s Ji-ho has a single glass of vodka and admits to Sang-eun that he fears she will not like him. The first time he communicates his feelings, Sang-eun could not be happier.

Review of Love In Contract Episode 7

Episode 7 of Love in Contract is a nice episode because Ji-ho has begun to comprehend his emotions. Finally, his jealousy, care, and love for Sang-eun are manifesting. Sang-eun has fallen in love with him, and she comprehends his difficulty in expressing herself. However, the more time they spend together, the more open Ji-ho becomes.

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