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Quite Girl Movie: Does Silent Girl Have a Track With Subtitles?

Colm Bairéad is the director and writer of the coming-of-age movie The Quiet Girl, which is set in 2022 and primarily takes place in Ireland.

The story, which takes place in 1981, centers on a shy nine-year-old girl who, while spending the summer on a farm in Rinn Gaeltacht, County Waterford, with distant relatives, encounters a loving home for the first time.

The Quiet Girl Movie Release Date

The Quiet Girl was first shown to the public at the Berlin Film Festival on February 11, 2022. It won the Crystal Bear for Best Film from the Generation Kplus International Jury, and the children’s jury also noted it.

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The Generation Kplus International Jury said, “It is a film with a sensitive story about childhood, loss, being a parent, and putting a family back together. The powerful story is paired with beautiful filmmaking. The sound and pictures create an atmosphere that is all it’s own.”

It was also shown at the Dublin International Film Festival on February 23, 2022, and the Glasgow Film Festival in March of that same year.

As per theguardian.com/ On May 12, 2022, it came out to the general public in Ireland. It was also chosen for the “World Cinema” section of the 27th Busan International Film Festival, which will be shown in October of that same year.

The Quiet Girl Movie Plot

Cáit, 9, lives in rural Ireland in 1981 with her impoverished and careless parents. Cáit’s parents send her to live with Eibhln and Seán Cinnsealach, a distant cousin and her husband because Cáit’s mother is now expecting again.

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At first, Seán is distant and hesitant with his foster daughter. Cáit assists Seán in maintaining the stables while Eibhln is gone. He is working when Cáit rings. Seán investigates the location after becoming aware of her disappearance. He confronts her and orders her not to go after finding her. Cáit flees to her house in a fit of wrath.

the quiet girl
the quiet girl


After being with them for more than a month, Cáit’s mother gives birth and requests that the Cinnsealachs return her in time for school. Even though Cáit, Eibhln, and Seán are heartbroken to part ways, they consent to take Cáit to her biological family. To evade her nasty parents, Cáit sneaks to the well to get water, but her quickly filled bucket pulls her in. When searching for Cáit, Eibhln discovers her wet and upset as she leaves the well.


The cast of the movie The Quiet Girl

  • Honorable Catherine E. Clinch
  • Carrie Theresa Crowley
  • Andrew Bennett
  • Patricio Michael
  • Carolyn Bracken
  • Norette Leahy
  • Joan Sheehy

Frequently Ask Question

Where Does the Quiet Girl Get Filmed?

The movie The Quiet Girl was based on the English novella Foster, which was written by Claire Keegan in 2010. The original name for the movie was Fasnacht, which means “Waiting.”

Summerhill, Moynalvey (including Fagan’s Pub), Curraghtown, Garlow Cross, Trim, and Clonymeath are all places in County Meath where movies have been shot. The movie was also shot in Dublin.

Where Can I Find the Quiet Girl?

You can watch a streaming version of “The Quiet Girl” right now on Virgin TV Go.

Does Silent Girl have a track with subtitles?

In the early 1980s, the story takes place in a part of County Waterford where Irish is the main language (subtitled in English).

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