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Power Book Iv Force Season 2: It is Happening or Not?

Power Book IV: Force’s first season has come to an end, and thoughts naturally shift to what lies ahead.

The newest entry in Courtney A Kemp’s enormously successful Power franchise centers on Tommy Egan, James St. Patrick’s former criminal partner, as he attempts to establish a new criminal business in Chicago. Tommy Egan is played by Ozark star Joseph Sikora.

With ten episodes in the first season, Kemp and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson have both remained behind the camera on this most recent show.

Will we see no more of Tommy Egan after those ten episodes, though? For all the information you require regarding Season 2 of Power Book IV: Force, continue reading.

When Will Power Book Iv: Force Season 2 Be Released?

Power Book IV: Force season 2 has not yet been given a release date, but assuming it follows the same schedule as last year’s season, we could start seeing new episodes around February 2023.

Who is in the Season 2 Cast of Power Book Iv: Force?

Although the cast hasn’t been officially announced, we can already anticipate the return of all of these series regulars.

  • Tommy Egan, played by Joseph Sikora
  • As David “Diamond” Sampson, Isaac Keys
  • As Claudia “Claud” Flynn, Lili Simmons
  • Victor “Vic” Flynn is played by Shane Harper.
  • Jenard Sampson is played by Kris D. Lofton.
  • As JP Gibbs, Anthony Fleming III
  • As Darnell “D-Mac” McDowell, Lucien Cambric
  • As Walter Flynn, Tommy Flanagan

Next on ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Kanan left New York after his attempt to kill Detective Malcolm Howard in the most recent episode of the show (Omar Epps).

Kanan was persuaded to do it by his mother Raquel Thomas (Patina Miller), who claimed that Howard was threatening them when, in fact, he was only attempting to get close to his son. At the same time that Kanan was entering Maryland, Howard awoke from his coma.

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According to Curtis, Power Book III: Raising Kanan’s upcoming season would “simply be the continuation of acts and their outcomes.”

power book iv force season 2
power book iv force season 2

There will be some events, and once more, you’ll witness how they mold Kanan and what they do to his mind, the man stated. “The family is in a very different position and location right now, so it’s up to them to decide where they can and cannot tread. There are a lot of difficult things happening. It’s absurd.

Power Book Iv: Force’ Will Have a Brand New Showrunner

Fans were ecstatic when Force was released early this year. Tommy Egan was deserving of his own show because he has long been a favorite of the Power Universe audience. Although viewers were thrilled to see Tommy back on screen, the series lacked the same energy and momentum as the other Power programs.

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However, things might change now that a former Power cast member is serving as the season 2 showrunner. Our show is currently being run by Gary Lennon, a very talented individual, according to Sikora’s statement to TV Line. “I’m ecstatic. Tommy Egan’s voice is once more audible in its natural state. Fans must be delighted…

Gary Lennon was responsible for making that happen. I’m very delighted about that. I can only promise that whatever Gary comes up with, however bizarre it may seem at the moment—even if it involves banging boots with Claudia—it will make sense.


The first season of Power Book IV: Force is over, but what’s next for Tommy Egan? Season 2 has not yet been given a release date. If it follows the same schedule as last year’s season, we could see new episodes in 2023. ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ will have a new showrunner. Tommy Egan’s voice is once more audible in its natural state. Season 2 will “simply be the continuation of acts and their outcomes,” says executive producer Curtis Sikora.

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