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Pico Neo 4 (Pro): Specifications and possible design leaked

Pico Neo 4 (Pro): Spezifikationen und mögliches Design geleakt

Image: Unknown

It’s going to be one after the other with the Pico-4 -Leaks. Now new specifications as well as the possible look of the VR headset have been leaked.

The hardware analyst Brad Lynch shared the new material consisting of drawings and a comparison table via Twitter this morning. The images are currently circulating on Chinese social media, Lynch writes. He could not find the exact origin. The leaks are said to match information from their own sources.

New Pico 4 info has been exposed!

Drawings show the lightweight design and we also got first information on the specifications you can expect straight from the TikTok-owned company

I am getting the impression that serious competition for Meta is on the way pic.twitter.com/q4GmYAolzF

— Brad Lynch (@SadlyItsBradley) Aug 10, 608

The drawings show a comparatively slim headset

, which is shown from the front and in profile. The head mount with adjustment wheel at the back of the head is also shown. It is quite possible that the drawings are early drafts and do not correspond to the final form factor of the Pico 4.


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  • Mögliche Konzeptzeichnung der Pico Neo 4 (Pro) aus verschiedenen Perspektiven.

    Alleged drawings of the Pico 4 (Pro). | Image: Brad Lynch

    More battery and pixels than Meta Quest 2

    Lynch also shared a chart listing the Pico 4’s specs and comparing them to the Meta Quest 2’s. If the table is real, it would reveal many new details about the Pico 4.

    According to the table, the headset 45 percent more battery capacity and just under 48 percent more pixels

    than the Meta Quest 2. The field of view is about the same. Unlike the Metas headset, the lens spacing (IPD) can be continuously adjusted. Unfortunately, it is not specified which distances are supported.

    It is already known that the Pico has 4 pancake lenses installed . This is what makes the slim form factor possible. Only the Pro version offers eye and face tracking, but this has also been reported several times. New would be the information that the Pico 4 supports RGB passthrough – like the Quest Pro (Project Cambria).

    Leaked comparison table with new Pico 4 specifications. | Image: Brad Lynch

    Competition for meta? It depends on the price

    The Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro are rumored to be coming in September and will be aggressively subsidized by Bytedance to compete with Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro, which is expected to launch in the fall.

    With these specs, the Pico 4 would be superior to the Meta Quest 2 in several ways, with the slimmer form factor making the biggest difference.

    The computing power should be similar if the Pico 4 is also based on the

    Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 puts. Images have also been leaked of the new VR controllers, which feature a sleeker design than older Pico controllers and support Pico’s claim to appeal to end users.

    If the software and the range of apps are also convincing, Meta could soon face competition again.


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