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Pico Neo 4 (Pro): Launch in September, aggressively priced – report

Pico Neo 4 (Pro): Launch im September, aggressive Bepreisung โ€“ Bericht

Image: Pico/FCC /BlackSheriff06

Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro are scheduled to be released in the next Month worldwide and compete with Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

If you believe the reports of the last few weeks and months, meta competitor and Tiktok owner Bytedance could soon shake up the virtual reality market.

The Rumors were fueled by a Chinese analyst close to Goertek, who worked on WeChat under the alias Blacksheriff008 has been reporting on developments in the supply chain for a long time.

Goertek is the world’s largest manufacturer of VR hardware and is responsible for the mass production of the Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro (Project Cambria), Playstation VR 2 and all Pico devices. The Chinese company was originally owned by Goertek and changed ownership in August 2021 by Bytedance.

Pico plans global launch

The analyst expects Pico to launch two new headsets in September, the Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro. The main difference is that the latter supports eye tracking. Both are said to have installed pancake lenses, which allows for a narrower form factor and lower weight.

We are talking about a

worldwide launch

. Before the Bytedance takeover, Pico pursued different strategies for the Western and Eastern markets.

The naming is not consistent: In In some countries, the VR glasses are said to be called Pico Neo 4 (Pro), in others they are only called Pico 4 (Pro).

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Tiktok mom attacking meta

Due to the implementation of new technology such as pancake lenses, the devices be much more expensive to produce

than its predecessor, the Pico Neo 3 (test). However, Bytedance will “aggressively subsidize” the VR glasses.

That will also be necessary, Pico wants enter the Meta Quest 2 price segment. The Pico 4 will primarily compete with Meta’s budget goggles, while the Pico 4 Pro will challenge the Meta Quest Pro, the analyst says. Both headsets are currently being mass-produced under full load.

In recent weeks, there have been increasing indications of new Pico glasses : FCC entries of the headsets as well as pictures of the new VR controllers appeared. Pico also expanded the US location and initiated cooperation with VR studios, which should benefit its own app offering.

Said Goertek analyst predicted in April that Pico has new VR products in the works to come before the Quest Pro. If the previous forecasts are correct, Pico should soon create facts.

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