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How Much is Pardison Fontaine Currently Worth? Do You Know Which Songs He Composed?

Jordan Kyle Lanier Thorpe, better known by his stage name Pardison Fontaine, is an American rapper and songwriter best known for penning hits like Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.” In 2013, he released his debut single, “Oyy,” and in 2018, with the help of Cardi B, he achieved widespread recognition with “Backin’ It Up.”

Let’s know more about Pardison Fontaine, who had a career in music long before his romance with the “Savage” singer.

Pardison Fontaine Early Life:

Pardison Fontaine was born in Newburgh, New York on December 29, 1989, and found his passion for music during his middle school years. Pardi once asked a fellow seventh-grader who also happened to be a rapper to “get on this song.”

He followed through, spitting his first verse into a Walkman. He came from a Christian family and attended services as often as four times a week as a child. Before he was a teenager, his family discouraged him from listening to rap music by artists like DMX and Kanye West.ย 

His musical abilities were noted at an early age. He loved singing in the church choir and did so regularly. He started out in athletics. He received a full scholarship to Goldey-Beacom College in Delaware after attending community college.

Pardison Fontaine Net Worth

He worked hard in school to accomplish this, put up impressive numbers while playing collegiate basketball, and met the requirements to enter the 2013 NBA Draft. But he gave up halfway through his junior year, realizing that his chances of playing basketball were limited. He decided to redefine himself in order to succeed on his own, feeling that he needed to do so “for people to stop looking at me as a basketball player.”

Pardison Fontaine’s Career Journey

The name “Pardi McFly” was Pardison’s first choice when he started making music. He changed it to Pardison Fontaine because he wanted to be taken seriously in his field, and he was inspired to do so by Back to the Future. After frequenting the Anne Fontaine boutique on Fifth Avenue, from which he took his moniker, he eventually adopted that name.

Released in 2015, ‘Not Supposed to Be Here’ was his debut mixtape. Because he prefers to work alone, all of the songs on his debut mixtape were recorded by him. During an interview with Mass Appeal, he said, “If you like my shit or you hate it, I wanted it to be because of me.” After this, he dropped a few singles, including “Backin’ It Up,” which featured Cardi B.

This song was certified platinum after reaching number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. The 2019 release of his Atlantic Records-collaborative mixtape ‘UNDER8ED’ featured singles like “Take It Down” and “Shea Butter” from the artist. One of his greatest strengths is not even being a solo artist.

Pardison Fontaine Net Worth

With credits like Ed Sheeran, Kanye West, and Cardi B, Pardison is clearly a gifted ghostwriter in the industry. The song “Bodak Yellow,” performed by Cardi B, was released in September 2017 and became an instant hit, earning him a nomination for a Billboard Music Award.

After hearing some of Pardison’s lyrics on Cardi B’s track “Drip,” he worked with Kanye West on the album “Ye.” Inspired by his experience, he composed the lyrics to the song “Violent Crimes.” Both of Megan Thee Stallion’s recent hits, “Savage” and “WAP,” were written by him. With the help of artists like Camila Caballo and Ed Sheeran, he is continuing to advance in his career.

What is the Net Worth of Rapper Pardison Fontaine?

Pardison Fontaine lives a lavish lifestyle, frequently posting Instagram photos of his expensive cars and other luxuries. The rapper has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2023.

Fontaine’s primary sources of revenue come from songwriting royalties and sales of his own original material. His popularity on social media helps him earn more money. It is estimated that Pardison made $700,000 from ads on his YouTube channel, but he is notoriously private about his income streams and how much he makes. Pardison also contributes to the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok. Both of these bring in money for him.

Relationship Status ofย Pardison Fontaine

Pardison is a highly secretive person who doesn’t talk much about his personal life. In 2019, rumors of a romance between him and rapper Kash Doll existed, but more information is unknown.

Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison came out as a couple in February of 2021. A date for the 2021 BET Awards was planned for that summer.

Although they don’t publicly discuss their relationship, the couple occasionally posts photos of themselves together on Instagram. Stallion’s single “Thot Shit” features guest vocals from Pardison. He does have a daughter, Jordy Jr., who is four years old. He loves her very much. He hasn’t revealed her mother’s identity despite frequently featuring her on his Instagram.

Which Songs Did Pardison Fontaine Compose?

Pardison has written songs with some of the most successful rappers in the music industry. Pardison wrote a number of well-known songs, including:

  • All Mine by Kanye West
  • Backinโ€™ It Up featuring Cardi B.
  • Be Careful by Cardi B.
  • Best Life by Cardi B. feat. Chance the Rapper
  • Bickenhead by Cardi B.
  • Bodak Yellow by Cardi B.
  • Crunch Time by Stefflon Don
  • Get Up by Cardi B.
  • Ghost Town by Kanye West
  • I Do by Cardi B. feat SZA
  • Money Bag by G-Eazy
  • Rodeo by Lil Nas X
  • Savage by Megan Thee Stallion
  • South of the Border by Ed Sheeran
  • Taki Taki by DJ Snake
  • Violent Crimes by Kanye West

Final words

Pardison Fontaine’s current net worth of $2 million will undoubtedly increase as his career as a rapper takes off along with his consistent songwriting gigs. He can support this with talent and experience.The majority of Fontaine’s earnings come from songwriting royalties and sales of his own unique songs.

He does have a four-year-old daughter, Jordy Jr. He is madly in love with her. So, we wish him a very happy life as well as continued success. Furthermore, if you enjoyed this content, you can bookmark our website for future reference.

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