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Our Skyy Season 3 Release Date: is Our Skyy 2 Finished? Everything We Know So Far!

The popular drama series “Love By Chance” has a Thai spin-off named Our Skyy. The show is divided into five tales, each focused on a different couple and their interactions. Our Skyy has gained popularity among viewers due to its accurate portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships and diverse cast.

This page will go through everything we currently know about Our Skyy season 3, including likely release dates, production details, and any studio announcements.

Our Skyy Season 3 Renewal Status

Season 3 of Our Skyy has not been officially renewed yet. Both of the shows’ first two seasons debuted in 2018 and 2022. A third season is possible for a variety of reasons. To begin, Our Skyy’s first two seasons were very well received by viewers. The BL shows that GMMTV creates tend to do well in the ratings.

It’s possible that Season 3 of Our Skyy won’t happen due to a number of circumstances. There have been several production delays for both television and film due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The third season of Our Skyy could be impacted by the epidemic.

Whether or not GMMTV orders a third season of Our Skyy remains to be seen. The show will have a better chance of getting greenlit if the firm thinks there will be enough interest in it. Watching the first two seasons, following the cast and crew on social media, and purchasing memorabilia are all great ways to show your support for the program.

Our Skyy Season 3 Release Date

The premiere date for Season 3 of Our Skyy has not yet been announced. Both of the shows’ first two seasons debuted in 2018 and 2022.

If a third season of Our Skyy is made, we can expect it to premiere sometime in 2024 or 2025. Seasons one and two of the show both debuted roughly two years apart, so season three will probably do the same.

Our Skyy Season 3 Release Date

On the other hand, the COVID-19 epidemic may delay the premiere of Our Skyy Season 3. Production on Our Skyy Season 3 could be delayed due to the epidemic, as it has been for many other shows and movies. Our Skyy Season 3’s release date information will be announced by GMMTV at a later date.

Our Skyy Season 3 Cast

Cast Characters
Pawin Kulkaranyawich Maithee
Thanawat Rattanakitpaisan Ayan
Naravit Lertratkosum Pannakorn Jannaloy
Archen Aydin Khabkluen
Phuwin Tangsakyuen Nuengdiao Kiattrakulmethee
Kanaphan Puitrakul Akk
Natachai Boonprasert Daonuea
Trai Nimtawat Khanlong

Our Skyy Plotline

Our Skyy is a romance drama that follows five different couples across five different episodes. Love, heartbreak, and selflessness are just a few of the relationship themes explored in the show. Kao and Pete, college roommates who develop romantic feelings for one another, are the protagonists of the first story.

The optimistic Noh and the restrained Phun are best friends in the second story. The third story highlights the bond between Kongpob, who is driven by ambition, and Arthit, who is always up for an adventure.

The wealthy student In and the talented fighter Sun have a complicated relationship that is the topic of the fourth story. The last story is about how shy Mork and outgoing Tee became friends.

Our Skyy Season 3 Release Date

The couples’ relationship problems and their attempts to resolve them are the primary subjects of the series. Our Skyy explores many elements of romantic affection and paints a unique portrait of LGBTQ+ relationships in Thailand.

The show’s varied ensemble and its realistic representation of relationships are two of its main selling points. Fans of romantic dramas that place a premium on nuanced storytelling and a wide range of characters won’t want to miss Our Skyy.

How Many Episodes Will Be There in Our Skyy Season 3?

No information regarding Season 3 of Our Skyy‘s episode count has been made public. It’s probable that there will be 10 episodes in the third season like there were in the first two. It’s possible, though, that the actual number of episodes will vary.

Our Skyy Season 3 Trailer

No trailer has been released, but audiences can rest assured that Our Skyy will maintain the same high standards of storytelling and stunning photography. As the release date draws near, we’ll have additional details to share with you. However, you can watch the season 1 trailer here.

Where To Watch Our Skyy?

The eight-part anthology series Our Skyy may be seen on GMM 25, a well-liked Thai television network. You may also watch it on the official GMM25 YouTube channel. You can see past episodes of the show on GMMTV’s YouTube channel.

Our Skyy Series Ratings & Reviews

Our Skyy has received positive feedback and ratings from both fans and reviewers. The show has an overall rating of roughly 8 out of 10 on well-known review aggregator websites like IMDb and MyDramaList. The show is praised for its brilliantly crafted plot lines, diverse cast, and realistic portrayal of relationships.


Our Skyy, a popular Thai TV drama, has gained a devoted fan base thanks to its thoughtful storytelling, diverse cast, and positive portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships.

Even though there has been no official word on a renewal of the show, fans are excitedly anticipating news of a third season. The compelling plot and realistic depiction of a wide range of relationships in Our Skyy make it an enjoyable show overall.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about other popular series, check out our other articles on our website.

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