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On My Block Season 5 Release Date: It Will Be Renewed or Canceled?

When one looks back on their life, their friendships from their teenage years stand out as the most meaningful. To us, they exemplify what it is to be an adult. We build our lives around these friends. Not because everyone stays, but because they teach us something and leave a lasting impression. Turned preachy? Not at this time.

Everyone seems to be talking about On My Block, a show that has been entertaining us for four seasons and is loved for its simplicity. In fact, many are starting to question if Season 5 of On My Block will ever come out. There’s a good explanation for this: the characters aren’t the perfect High Schoolers we strive to be.

Their relationship is full of insane crushes, fangirl moments, frustrating conflicts, and beautiful apologies.

Isn’t that sometimes what the public really wants to see? Something that arouses excitement while also grounding us in realism. Season 5 of On My Block is exactly what the world needs right now since it has given so many people hope and thoughts to take back to bed with them. If not, when will it happen?

Will There Be Season 5 of on My Block?

The short answer is no, unfortunately. Season 5 of On My Block was canceled, making Season 4 (which originally aired in 2021) the final season.

Why Was on My Block Season 5 Canceled?

In a word, the four seasons was a wild ride. The series finale delivered on the earlier stated intention not to continue. Everything was resolved at the Season 4 conclusion, and there was no need for a fifth season. It’s possible that this is why production on Season 5 of On My Block was scrapped. Even on Twitter and Facebook, fans were left in mourning once the show ended.

On My Block Season 5 Release Date

Fans were disappointed because they didn’t want to see the show lose its nostalgic touch of real relatable friendships, and with good reason: the show has been consistently releasing new seasons since 2018 and has a crazy IMDB rating of 8/10, which also proves how the Spanish industry has now been setting the bar high. However, they were unaware of other intentions, which is likely at least partially responsible for the cancellation of On My Block Season 5.

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On My Block Season 5 Release Date

as per amazfeed The release date and timing of the On My Block season 5 of the Netflix comedy series On My Block are still not yet announced. We’ll know when On My Block Season 5 will premiere after it’s been renewed for a fifth season.

On My Block Season 5 Cast

To be seen again in the character of Monsรฉ Finnie is Sierra Capri. Alongside him is Jason Genao, who plays Ruben “Ruby” Martinez Jr. The fifth season will include the return of both Brett Gray (Jamal Turner) and Diego Tinoco (Cesar Diaz).

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What Could the Plot of On My Block Season 5 Be About?

Since the show was discontinued after its fifth season, there won’t be any episodes from Season 5 of On My Block. Season four was the final season, and it focused on the main character’s personal life. After Monse left for Mayfield Academy, the fourth season took place with a two-year time jump.

On My Block Season 5 Release Date

Major shifts have occurred among the original four members. Jamal had developed into a popular jock, and he was well-liked by teenage girls. Ruby, on the other hand, was focused on both his relationship with Jasmine and his campaign for senior president.

How Many Episodes Will Be There in On My Block Season 5?

On My Block has a dedicated fan base that is counting down the days before Season 5 premieres. Although the actors and crew have not confirmed it, it is widely believed that there will be 12 episodes.

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Where to Watch on My Block?

Season 4 of On My Block was the series’ last and most important installment. All 10 episodes of the series’ final season were posted on Netflix on October 4, 2021, and may be viewed there. The audience can also get the other seasons through the same medium.

Fans were anticipating a fifth season of On My Block but the show was canceled.

On My Block Season 5 Trailer

There has been no official word of a comeback, hence there will be no new teaser. Production apparently hasn’t even begun yet and judging by the timeline, it will take quite some time.

However, stay tuned, as we will provide updates here as soon as we receive any new information. Visit our website to view the Season 4 preview.

Frequently Ask Questions

How long has On My Block been running?

on My Block is a four-season show.

When and where can we expect to see the complete series of On My Block?

All of On My Block’s seasons are available on the streaming service.

When can we expect to see season 5 of On My Block?

The fate of On My Block’s season renewal is currently unknown.


As is customary with Netflix, the fifth season of the comedic sitcom On My Block will soon be available to subscribers. Also, visit our site regularly if you’re a fan of the Netflix show On My Block and would like to know more about the show’s upcoming developments. And be assured, we will provide you with all the information you need on the next season of On My Block.

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