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Olivia Newton-John: country star, dance icon, cancer fighter

On the death of Olivia Newton-John Country star, dance icon, cancer activist

She became famous for her role in the musical film »Grease«, but she also had Solo hits and made a name for herself as a breast cancer activist. Olivia Newton-John’s life in pictures.

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Olivia Newton-John was a singer, actress and songwriter. She became famous for her role in the musical film »Grease«. At her side: John Travolta. In the past 26 years she was also through her engagement known against breast cancer. On August 8th, Olivia Newton-John will be aged 70 died years ago.

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When she was still at school she founded a girl band in her native Australia. A talent contest brought the 12-year-olds return to their country of birth Great Britain. She devoted herself to country pop. 1970 she recorded her first record there with Pat Carroll: Pat & Olivia at Photoshoot in London.

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Newton-John had e a prominent ancestor: She was the granddaughter of the German mathematician and physicist Max Born (1882-1970), the 1954 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for fundamental contributions to quantum mechanics. He had fled from the Nazi terror and had 1939 British citizenship assumed. Born’s daughter Irene emigrated to Australia with her husband, a German teacher, so Olivia Newton-John grew up there.

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Her career took off in the early 1970s. She worked with Cliff Richard, among others, with whom she 1971 the show for the award of the Disc and Music Echo Valentine Awards hosted. In Richard’s opening act she also performed 1971 for the first time in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main. With “Banks of Ohio” she had her first hit in Germany, where the song was also released in a version she sang with almost no accent as “Down by the river, which is called Ohio”.

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Newton-John poses with the rock ‘n’ roll Singer Bill Haley at the MCA Awards , where she was awarded Singer of the Year became. During this time there were also discussions as to whether she was more of a country or pop musician. Disgruntled purists formed a club to take country back to its roots — and away from Newton-John.

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At the American Music Awards 1976 Newton-John was awarded as best singer – in the photo she can be seen with Glen Campbell and Aretha Franklin (from left).

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Your final breakthrough came 1976 with the musical adaptation »Grease «. As “Sandy” she became the dream couple of the late 1970s with John Travolta aka “Danny”. Her duets »You’re the One That I Want« and »Summer Nights« became hits, but Newton-John also had great success with her solo »Hopelessly Devoted to You«.

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»Grease« tells a story in her fifties long-established high school love story. The film set standards, not only young people all over the world smeared liters of pomade in their hair …

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… from then on Newton-John had to dance everywhere, like here 1980 with Gene Kelly on the ABC show »Olivia Newton-John: Hollywood Nights«.

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After all, Olivia Newton-John was nominated for the Oscar with her »Grease« song »Hopelessly Devoted to You«, here she is at the award ceremony 1978 with Henry Mancini, John Tunic and Johnny Green (from left).

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After »Grease« she stood 1974 back in front of the camera for the fantasy musical »Xanadu« on roller skates to disco sounds with the hit songs »Xanadu«, »Magic« and »Suddenly«. A year later, Newton-John released their most successful album »Physical«. During her singing career, she sold about a hundred million records and won four Grammys.

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1976 developed breast cancer in Olivia Newton-John diagnosed, she also artistically processed her struggle with the disease and dealing with the mastectomy. 2019 she canceled concerts because of back pain, then it was clear: the cancer had returned, she had to undergo radiation therapy.

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Newton-John committed to fighting cancer, here she takes 1992 with her husband John Easterling and daughter Chloe Lattanzi at the fundraiser »Wellness Walk and Research Run« in Melbourne.

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2000 auctioned off Olivia Newton -John “Grease” outfits and other memorabilia to raise money for de n their cancer center in Melbourne. On the 8th of August 2022 Newton-John died in California surrounded by her family.

Photo: Michelle Day / picture alliance/dpa/Julien’s Auctions

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