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Move and Improve: is There a New Season for the Show?

Homeowners in “Move or Improve” are at a real estate crossroads and must decide whether to leave their current property as is or make some changes. With a new baby on the way, children heading off to college, or a desire to work from home, these homeowners face an emotional roller coaster as they weigh the pros and cons of three very different options: staying put and making some improvements to their current home, moving to a new place nearby, or moving to a new city altogether. One exhilarating and terrifying choice among three potentially life-altering paths. Should we “Move or Improve”?

Is There a New Season for the Show Move or Improve

as per reelgood These home-seekers desire fixer-uppers, while most home-buyers are looking for turnkey properties They look at three houses that require a new owner with huge plans for them and ultimately settle on one to make their own.

One or more episodes of Move and Improve are available for purchase on Prime Video, and they can be viewed for free with a Philo or DIRECTV Stream subscription. Two episodes span a single season of this home and garden program. There has been no news regarding the renewal of Move and Improve or the arrival of a new season.

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Move and Improve is True to Life

Nothing in the show seems overtly staged. With the help of a realtor, Tyler and Rachel are shown many houses, all of which include at least some of the amenities they specified on their wish lists. Rachel sees only the negatives, while her husband sees promise in most of them; she also seems to have a more practical outlook on the time and money it will take to undertake the necessary improvements.

move and improve

You May Educate Yourself on the Ins and Outs of Purchasing a Fixer-upper

If you’re looking to buy an older property that needs remodeling and repair, Move and Improve will give you a good look at the hidden problems you might find. She gives specifics about what Tyler and Rachel must accomplish before beginning the project after consulting with specialists about the attributes of a home they wish to alter.

Most first-time purchasers probably won’t give much thought to these particulars. Buying a home that needs work might teach you a lot about what to look for in a home.

Fixer-uppers May Be Money Pits, as Shown in the Show

Rachel and Tyler learn the hard way as they hire a contractor to remodel their bathroom that you can’t always get things the way you want them unless you’re ready to pay more money. The cost of a remodeling project can easily spiral out of control if unexpected issues are discovered once contractors begin working on the structure’s specifics, even if those elements were discussed at length beforehand.

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Repairs and Alterations Are Handled by Expert Plumbers, Electricians, and Carpenters

During the course of the show, the couples serve as the show’s protagonists, while experienced contractors and carpenters are brought in to oversee the renovations and function as supporting cast members. As they endeavor to finish the projects, they provide clear explanations of their actions and their rationale. It’s entertaining to see, and you could even learn something about how to set up a particular item correctly.

The “Move and Improve” Plan Zeroes in on Trouble Spots

The couple in the second episode of the first season buy a house in need of renovations, which is the central premise of the show. Major problems arise, creating roadblocks that prevent the renovation from being completed by the planned date.

Since the home’s flaws were only discovered after the sale was finalized, the show is a great resource for understanding what questions to ask and what evidence to look for before committing to the purchase of an older property. Problems are not always visible, and you never know what’s hiding in the walls and floors.

move and improve

The Characters in the Show Are Approachable and Relatable

The couples featured on “Move and Improve” are all looking for a house with great potential. There is no glamour, and the word “reality television” is defined precisely. These couples are fairly representative of the general public, and they share the same concerns as many others in the United States when it comes to finding an affordable, secure place to call home. The fact that viewers can easily identify with the characters bodes well for the show’s popularity.

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This Show Premiered in December 2019

“Move and Improve” premiered its debut season on December 17, 2019. A brand-new show in its pilot season is always vulnerable to cancellation if it doesn’t attract enough viewers. No one can know how well the show will go at this point. The average episode length is just over 43 minutes, and it airs for an entire hour on the HGTV channel.

The Potential of “Move and Improve” is Enormous

We were captivated by what we saw in the three episodes we saw from the series pilot. The couples on the show are believable, and they provide their honest judgments about the houses they tour. It’s as if we’re on the trip alongside them and hoping they succeed in building their ideal house. The show has all the makings of an HGTV staple, but more promotion is needed to ensure that as many people as possible watch it and have their say.

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