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Mortel Season 3: Will There Be Season 3?

The French show Mortel deals with the paranormal. In French, it conveys the sense of being fatal. In order to solve a murder, two of the three youths in this series make a pact with a supernatural being and gain extraordinary abilities as a result.

When the first season premiered in 2019, it was met with lukewarm critical acclaim. Several reviewers have commented on the series’ strong storytelling and intriguing storyline twists. In fact, it was so well received that Netflix renewed it for a second season, making it one of the most successful French TV series ever to air on the streaming service. Here’s what you need to know about the show’s future:

Will There Be Season 3 of Mortel?

In July of 2021, season two of the show debuted. There were six episodes in both the first and second seasons. Obé, the voodoo god who bestowed upon them their extraordinary abilities, returns in Season 2. But he returns in a shocking new shape and starts recruiting followers at the university. In a desperate attempt to escape calamity, Sofiane, Victor, and Luisa rush to act.

The season finale features a dramatic confrontation that leaves viewers hanging. That means there’s hope for Netflix to add a subsequent season. However, there is no assurance, as the show was canceled after the cliffhanger ending of its first season. There was still more to tell, and the show’s devoted audience wanted more, so the show was revived for a second season.

Netflix has not yet said when the show will return. However, there is a possibility that viewers would ask for a third season.

Mortel Season 3 Story

Two high school students put in a lot of time and effort to figure out a whodunit. Both Sofiane and Victor are curious about the circumstances behind her brother Reda’s death. The two adolescents launch their research with the help of the voodoo god Obé. Victor can read thoughts, and Sofiane can effortlessly influence them. In order to use their separate authority, they must be physically present together.

mortel season 3

Season 3 of Mortel can pick up right where season 2 left off. The writers left us hanging on a critical plot point, and we can only hope that it will be resolved in a subsequent installment.

We got Hot-Hot-hot, Superbad, Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic, Nothing Nudes Under the Moon, The Puppets’ Tears, and La Solitudine in the first season. Season 2 likewise contained a total of six episodes, with the following titles: Impossible to Leave, Super Good, Entwined with You, Qumran, The Marriage of Obe, and Aprezan nou lyanne.

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Mortel Season 3 Cast

Among the series’ main characters is played by Carl Malapa, who goes by the name Sofiane Kada. Némo Schiffman portrayed Victor Wanderwelt, the second major character. Luisa Manjimbe was portrayed by Manon Bresch, Obé by Corentin Fila, and Audrey Jourdant by Anas Thomas. Celine Wanderwelt is portrayed by Raphalle Agogué, and Reda Kada is portrayed by Sami Outabali. Season 3 of Mortel might continue with the same core group and introduce some new faces and personalities.

While a premiere date for Season 3 has not been officially announced, fans may likely anticipate it arriving around 2023.

Mortel Season 3 Release Date

as per liveakhbar On November 21, 2019, the first season debuted on Netflix. The program was officially renewed for a second season in January 2020, but despite the announcement, Netflix scrapped plans to bring Mortel back for another season. There was a point when everyone was sure there wouldn’t be any more installments. But in May of 2021, a trailer was released, officially announcing the second installment. The second season premiered on Netflix on July 2, 2021. The overall number of episodes across both seasons, 12, was the same.

Reactions were positive overall, and the show received mixed reviews from critics, so it seems like Mortel did a fine job. With only a 6.6 rating on IMDb, the film clearly failed to win over moviegoers and was financially unsuccessful as a result. Mortel was deemed uninteresting by several viewers, making it difficult for them to finish the show.

mortel season 3

Regarding the third season of Mortel, neither the show’s creators nor Netflix has made an official word as of yet. With so many problems cropping up during the show’s second season, renewal hopes are low. It’s very likely that we’ll hear that the event has been postponed again. But none can say for sure what the future holds. Because of this, the third season of Mortel has not been given the go-ahead just yet. If everything goes according to plan, it should be out by 2022. We are also hoping for a miracle, like the ones that occurred when filming season two of Mortel.

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Mortel Season 2 Review

Critics liked Mortel Season 2. The third season of Mortel should be well-received. Luisa initially sees the Power at the end of Mortel’s second season. Later, a revelation leads to a nighttime ceremony in the woods. Sofiane, Luisa, and Victor struggle with troubling memories during a road trip to find Obe a new victim.

Obe snaps after a surprise attack. Luisa then undertakes a dangerous task. As more Desandans arrive, a confrontation ensues. We’ll see. Mortel’s third season plot is unknown. We expect season 3 of Mortel to pick up where season 2 ended.

Because a new season of Mortel is unlikely. We’ll update this if we learn more about Mortel’s third season. Let’s discuss Mortel’s third season.

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Mortel Season 3 Trailer

To this day, there is no Season 3 Mortel trailer to be found. There’s a chance it’ll drop when Season 3 is confirmed. Here’s the official season two trailer, so let’s watch it.

Where Can I Watch Mortel?

Those with a Netflix account can view the show Mortel. The third season of Mortel is expected to debut on Netflix soon. What follows shall be seen.

Where Was Mortel Filmed?

Filming for the Mortel series took place in Le Havre. Thereafter, for five days, filming took place under the Cardinals Street Albert Samain bridge in Graville for the TV series Mortel.

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